Smart Sensuality: Long Live The Ladies In Red!

I pride myself on getting out ahead of the crowd, when it comes to trends.  Jot this Smart Sensuality fact down in your bb’s, my friends.

Bono may have launched one Red Revolution a couple year’s back, but a big Red Revolution is on the move.

This week, Smart Sensuality is headed to Washington, D.C., where 1000 members of Delta Sigma Theta, America’s African-American sorority, will arrive in “crimson and cream”, according to Politico.

Electing Obama has generally been credited to the young electorate. I believe women of every age, including Hillary women like myself, figured prominently in Obama’s victory.

Politico reports this morning that POTUS is taking off the gloves, to promote his new budget. Indeed, the battle for America’s future is beginning.

What ARE our national priorities, our international ones? What is the future of this country?

Passionate About Our National Future

I promise you that Red, the color of passion, sensuality and now “women who care deeply”, is running almost faster than I can catch it. We might be looking at a new lust for issues that really matter in our lives because … because we no longer take the future for granted.

Life has become very serious business for any thinking person.

The rule book is gone. People don’t play by the rules, as we’ve discovered the last few months.

Perhaps they never did, but this time the consequences are potentially devastating around the globe. It’s time for Reds everywhere to get in the game. Tracking this topic daily, the momentum is faster than even I anticipated.

Who said you can’t get women aroused? Anne

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