J'Adore: Stevie Wonder Videos

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

The White House has announced a tribute to Stevie Wonder on Feb. 25th. Read the details and see Stevie on the Obama campaign trail and also at the Inauguration over at Michelle-Style.

Stevie Wonder is an important part of my own musical history. Watching him in this 1960s video, I realize these were the days, when all things seemed possible.

Stevie Wonder - For Once In My Life

Life hasn’t quite worked out the way Stevie imagined it, but I give you some more of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs … a Valentine from me to you.

Stevie Wonder - You are the sunshine of my life

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground

Reflecting for a moment, I do believe in love … all kinds of love, as much as ever. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing … alone or together. We all deserve a little lovin’.

A big kiss, Anne