An Iconic Barbie Really Gets Around Town

In a front window of her apartment, a scene from Wanda James’s imagination: the wedding reception of a soldier home from Iraq. New Yorker Wanda James won’t be showing her holiday windows at this year’s Whitney Biennial. But her holiday window scenes, launched six or so years ago with discarded Barbie dolls, are a big hit in Prospect Heights.

In this year’s theme an Iraqi soldier returns home and proposed to his longtime girlfriend, who fathered his child just before his deployment. The wedding celebration lasts from Dec. 16 to New Year’s Eve.

I couldn’t help noticing this post In Brooklyn, a Holiday Attraction in Wanda James’s Window after posting a photo of Sleeker Barbie in Christian Louboutin’s Paris Window in my new Body Politics blog. Barbie gets around, and she’s full up with contradictions.

It’s artists who highlight the incongruences of life, intentionally or not. Anne

Sleeker Barbie in Christian Louboutin’s Paris Windows