Marc Jacobs Defines the Modern Meaning of LOLA

When Lola comes to mind, she is …

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a boldly elegant, modern persona of blended sexual heritage and gender-bending proclivities, a Smart Sensuality boys club member.

Lola - The Kinks

 … a song written by Ray Favies and performed by The Kinks in 1970 which details a romantic encounter between a young man and a transvestite he meets in a Soho club in London. The song “Lola” was originally banned by the BBC.

Superbus “Lola”

… a 2007 hit by the French band Superbus. Lola’s gender-bending identity continues.

Marc Jacobs Lola, a sexy with a wink burst of fuschia peony passion scent, suitable for anyone who aspires to be a real woman.

Shop Amazon for LOLAThe Marc Jacobs Lola woman is confident, effortlessly chic and modern but with a vintage twist. If young, she’s working her way toward purple peony status.

In describing his LOLA fragrance, Jacobs says: “I was inspired to create a feeling to reflect the color violet. A very saturated, rich, warm color which symbolizes the ultimate color of femininity. I wanted the perfume to convey the same intensity and vibrancy of this jewel-like violet, which is fun, sexy yet still elegant, just like LOLA.”

The truth is that I love Marc Jacobs fragrances, and no this isn’t a paid placement.

More than Marc Jacobs, I love peonies which are the first thing I remember stealing as a child. You might say that my peony caper gave me great insights into dealing with men. Never a Lolita, I understood Lola early on.

More about sharing my sins in a day or two. The thievery took on new relevance in my mind today. Half of my small town was gathered at Saturday afternoon confession, wondering if I was ever going to get off my young-girl knees in this prolonged period of penance.

Today, confession is more like a drive-thru, but stealing peonies was a capital crime in those days.

This moment if you want more LOLA in your life, stake out the brand at Amazon

If not, I love you anyway, so read on about my first confrontation with religious authorities. If you’re a regular Anne of Carversville reader, you know that the peony heist wasn’t my last day of judgement with the men in black. Anne

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The LOLA window shot came from a delightful blog Le Journal des Vitrines. Enjoy it!