First Dog Bo Barks Santa Off the Podium

Even Bo was part of the act when First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sashs and Malia read Christmas books last evening at the National Children’s Medical Center.

First Lady, Sasha & Malia Read Christmas Stories

One child asked how many Christmas trees are in the White House. FLOTUS answered twenty-six, and Malia Obama added: “Unfortunately you don’t get presents under all of them.”

It appears that Bo was on his very best, charming dog behavior — but looks are deceiving. According to Huff Po, As (Michelle Obama) began reading, Bo spotted Santa on the podium behind Sasha and Malia and began to bark loudly.

“Quiet Bo” FLOTUS said.

But Bo kept barking until Santa retreated. Seconds later, Santa appeared on the other side of the podium, and Bo was fine with the arrangement.

Official White House photo by Samantha Appleton