Lubna Hussein Speaks in London About Women's Rights

Lubna Hussein in London November 2009Lubna Hussein spoke in London last night, highlighting the plight of repressed women around the world.

Her trip was a two-day trip organized by human rights group Sudan Civic Foundation.Salah Bander, head of the foundation, stated that the Sundanese government is more concerned about even a few worlds of bad press publicity out of Sudan than a multi-page expose inside it.

This has been my sense of the situation as well, and is a key reason why it’s important that Lubna keep up her pressure on this issue.

Lubna gave the lecture to more than 200 people at the Horn of Africa community group at London’s Shepherd’s Bush, before returning to France last night. It’s not known whether she will return to Sudan. A

via London Evening Standard

A typidal Khartoum market scene, via Daily Mail UK