Deluged in Urban Noise, Is Anybody Still Listening?

via London Times, John NaishIt’s no joke to suggest that we may lose key listening skills, as humans retreat to an inner-world of iPhones and digital text speak, in refuge from increasingly noisy environments. Bombarded as we are with noise frenzy, humans may pay a high psychological, physical and social cost to losing our listening skills.

“We are so bombarded by sounds that we no longer tune in to our surroundings,” says Charlie Mydlarz, an acoustic engineer at the University of Salford who yesterday launched his national sound map.

If an effort to launch a public debate on the quality of sound emissions, Mydiarz invites the public to use their mobile phones to record ten-second audio clips in places such as parks and streets, then send them to a mapping website: soundaroundyou.

Recording Soundscape in Times Square New York

via London Times Is Anyone Out There Listening?