J'Adore: Mon Amour & the Mexican Town of Maruta

In a week when not much is going right, I stumbled over the name of one of my favorite songs. I used it in a design presentation in 2003 and have loved it so much … even though after three years of French and 250 trips to Paris, I don’t understand the lyrics.

The song “Mon Amour” is from a CD called Shine by Operatica. This YouTube video is focused on the Mexican  seaside of Maruata, not the lovers of “Mon Amour” the Operatica song. This much I’ve researched.

I admit to knowing nothing about Maruata. Oasis Design describes Maruata as a Pomaro Indian village on the coast of the Michoacan, a beautiful and captivating place caught in the collision point between ancient ways of life and modern influences.

The Oasis Design pages give us an extensive look at the efforts to save the original culture of Maruata. Enjoy.