1915 Massachusetts | Women's Vote Is the Enemy of Christian Civilization

RedTracker| In case you thought women’s rights just became a ‘socialist’ issue or a commie feminist agenda in America, women’s rights have always been opposed by Conservatives. Any rights for women have been opposed as detrimental to Christianity.

US Supreme Court Justice Scalia reminded American women earlier this month that we have no rights to speak of under the Constitution. All rights for women should be legislated by the 85% of men who control Congress and not interpreted into existence by courts, says Justice Scalia.

So when Sarah Palin is doing her rah rah about back to the Founding Fathers, just remember that all rights for women were considered an enemy to Christian Civilization in God’s country. For many members of Congress, that view remains deeply imbedded in their convictions and intentions.

Thanks to Boing Boing and Jezebel for putting this American women’s reality check front and center today. We’re still fighting the battle and — in my opnion — we’re going seriously backwards, compared to other women in developed countries. 

As a realist I know that vast numbers of American women privately agree that the Massachusetts men above and the Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom knew what they were talking about in giving women no rights. 

More American women believe this is the natural order of things than I want to admit. It’s a staggering, depressing thought for this small town girl from Minnesota.  Anne