160 Studies Conclude Happiness Linked To Longevity

RoseTracker| A conclusive review of over 160 studies of humans and animals concludes that — other variables being equal — happy people tend to live longer and experience better health than less happy peers.

In a review of eight kinds of studies, lead author University of Illinois professor emeritus of psychology Ed Diener, who also is a senior scientist for the Gallup Organization, of Princeton, N.J. concluded that feeling positive about your life, not being stressed out, and not being depressed — contributes to both longevity and better health among healthy populations.

“Although there are a handful of studies that find opposite effects,” Diener said, “the overwhelming majority of studies support the conclusion that happiness is associated with health and longevity. Current health recommendations focus on four things: avoid obesity, eat right, don’t smoke, and exercise. It may be time to add ‘be happy and avoid chronic anger and depression’ to the list.” via Science Daily