1-Way Cat Fight | Sarah Vine Despises Carla Bruni

RedTracker| Ah women on women. We can be so deceptive with each other, writing an article theoretically devoted to a discussion on aging as a ‘woman’s issue’ but taking valuable reader’s time to stick a British fork in Carla Bruni’s Franco-Italian increasingly tough skin.

Perhaps London Times beauty editor Sarah Vine is vying for a spot in “The Devil Wears Prada II ” writing Ageing: et tu, Carla Bruni?

Googling for a personal photo of Sarah Vine — just to a fix on her own beauty beat — I picked her up on Twitter. Then I found this this article Leaders need a Dolly, not a Carla. Lord, this is a one-way cat fight:

Carla Bruni Sarkozy may be many things - First Lady of France, former model, sometime folk chanteuse; but there is one thing she most definitely is not - a sister.

When it comes to her fellow woman, Bruni makes Monteverdi’s power-hungry antiheroine Poppea look like Germaine Greer.

As for this American sister, any woman who calls Pope Benedict on the carpet for the Vatican’s policy on birth control is both courageous enough and sisterly-enough for me. Bruni’s my woman …along with Queen Rania. And Hillary Clinton, of course.

Did you read my piece on Israel’s opposition leader Tzipi Tivni? The sisterhood must focus on important topics, and that would be Tzipi Livni.

I really don’t have much time for girl talk, with the whole world falling apart, but the London Times is required reading. In that case, I must take a moment and stand up for my sista Carla Bruni.

No wonder she’s had such a tough month of March. This woman needs back up, cuz the claws are out in Britain. What’s else is new in this endless feud? And to think I went looking for a few moment of peace out of the Middle East.

Sarah, bitterness is bad for your heart and also your cortisol levels. Nothing is tougher on a woman’s face than bitterness. Botox or not, it shines radiantly. Anne

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