$1 Billion Raised but Decentralization in Haiti Must Move Quickly

GivingTracker| Nine weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti donors have contributed nearly $980-million to support relief efforts.

Donors gave approximately $66-million of that total in response to a star-studded telethon that was broadcast on major television networks in January. Organizers awarded $35-million in grants on February 5. The American Chronicle of Philanthropy itemizes a list of organizations and funds raised for Haiti.

Today’s NYTimes writes in detail about ‘decentralization’ in Haiti, or the flow of 600,000 displaced Haitians from Port-au-Prince to the countryside, where there’s no evidence of aid.

Indeed, some have already returned to the capital seeking the international aid that is concentrated there. But if the reverse flow continues, it could undermine a primary goal of the Haitian government and the international community: to use the earthquake as a catalyst to decentralize Haiti and resuscitate its agricultural economy, said Nancy Dorsinville, a special adviser to former President Bill Clinton, the United Nations special envoy to Haiti. via NYTimes