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Jessie Hsu In ‘Blooming Journey’ By Yin Chao For Vogue China August 2015

Du Juan Is Feminine Froth, Lensed By Yin Chao In ‘A Fairy’s Dream’ For Vogue China December 2014

Grace Gao In ‘Swing in Chengdu’ Lensed By Yin Chao For Vogue China November 2014

Xiaomeng Huang By Yin Chao In ‘Back to that time’ For Numéro China February 2014

Jasmine Poses For Yin Chao As She Graces Numero China October 2013

Wang Xiao Photographed By Yin Chao For Harper’s Bazaar China November 2013 In ‘Exotic Escape’

Coco Rocha Is ‘Up There’, Lensed By Yin Chao For Harper’s Bazaar China September 2013

Jasmine Feng Lensed By Yin Chao For Numero China #32 September 2013

 Du Juan & Zhang Guobin Flashed By Yin Chao For Vogue China’s September 2013 Issue

Yin Chao Lenses Tian Yi In Vogue China August 2013 As ‘Jump in Floral’

Yin Chao’s Poetic Disposition For Harper’s Bazaar China August 2013

Yin Chao Captures Du Juan For Numéro China April 2013 ‘Back To The Future’   

Lina Zhang by Yin Chao for Harper’s Bazaar China April 2013 As The Gentle Woman

Abigaile Ge Cools Off for Numéro China #25, Lensed by Yin Chao

Miao Bin Si | Yin Chao | Harper’s Bazaar China October 2012 | Une Journée à Paris

Huang Xiaomeng | Yin Chao | Numero China #20 Aug 2012 | ‘A Tribal of Her Own’

Ming Xi | Yin Chao | Modern Weekly October 2011 | Falling Hard

Ming Xi | Yin Chao | Numéro China August 2011 | ‘The Wild Ones’

Xiao Wen Ju | Yin Chao | Marie Claire China August 2011

Bonnie Chen | Yin Chao | ‘The First and Forever’ | Harper’s Bazaar China June 2011

Huang Xiao Meng | Yin Chao | ‘Creative’ | Numero China #5 | Jan/Feb 2011