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Madison Headrick Welcomes Spring, Lensed By Stockton Johnson For L’Officiel Thailand December 2014

Missy Rayder In ‘This Is Hardcore’ By Stockton Johnson For Vogue Ukraine November 2014

Sara Sampaio by Stockton Johnson In ‘Printed Matter’ For Modern Media China January 2014

Bonnie Chen By Stockton Johnson In ‘Coat On Coat’ For Grazia China December 2013

Lina Zhang In ‘Wild At Heart’ By Stockton Johnson For Elle Vietnam October 2013

Kristina Romanova Is A ‘City Slicker’, Flashed By Stockton Johnson For Modern Media November 2013

Liu Wen By Stockton Johnson For ‘Inside/Outside’ Grazia China September 2013

Martyna Frankow Stars In Spread For Modern Media, Lensed By Stockton Johnson

  Lina Zhang Is ‘Sunkissed’ For Elle Vietnam July 2013, Flashed By Stockton Johnson

Bonnie Chen Rocks Denim By Stockton Johnson For Vogue China March 2013

Stockton Johnson Snaps Liu Wen, Carolyn Murphy, Jessica Stam, Lindsey Wixson + for Vogue’s 120 Year Anniversary Gala

Tian Yi Is Tailored Chic Pastels for Stockton Johnson’s Vogue China January 2013

China’s Single, Successful ‘Leftover Women’ Pressured to Marry As Concubines & Sex Trafficking Skyrocket

I will share more advice to Chinese women by their government at the end of photographer Stockton Johnson’s beautiful editorial ‘Romantic Pastel’, starring Tian Yi for Vogue China January 2013.Yi Guo has styled a gorgeous tableau of spring romanticism to feed the aspirations of China’s growing class of professional women.

Valeria Dmitrienko | Stockton Johnson | Elle Vietnam November 2012

Miao Bin Si | Stockton Johnson | Elle Vietnam October 2012 | ‘Lost Heaven’

Tian Yi | Stockton Johnson | Vogue China July 2012 | ‘Grace the Summer

Xiao Wen & Grace Gao | Stockton Johnson | Vogue China February 2012

Du Juan | Stockton Johnson | Vogue China September 2011

Ming Xi and Fei Fei Sun | Stockton Johnson | Vogue China September 2011