Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Emerging As Unlikely, Egoless Unifying Force Among Democrats

AOC photographed outside the Capitol on January 4, 2019. By Mark Peterson/Redux.

AOC photographed outside the Capitol on January 4, 2019. By Mark Peterson/Redux.

No freshman member of the new House of Representatives has gained more national media attention than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Less than one week after her victory in the November 2018 midterm elections, AOC joined environmental activists in a protest in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. Politico published a story that AOC denied, advancing the theory that she was encouraging activists to primary Democratic incumbents in the 2020 elections.

The Republican obsession with Ocasio-Cortez has bordered on full-frontal misogyny, with many Dems reporting that “a cloud” of uncertainty hovered over her. Was she determined to build her own disruptive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brand? Or was she truly interested in passing collaborative legislation with fellow Democfrats.

Writing for Vanity Fair, Abigail Tracy says that AOC has emerged “as an unlikely unifying force for Democrats — and a surprisingly egoless champion of a new, progressive politics.”

One of her biggest supporters is Elijah Cummings, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, who specifically requested that AOC. be tapped to serve on his committee, hoping that she would ask the questions when others remained mute. “A lot of people said that she might not be a team player, and I have found it to be just the opposite,” Cummings told Tracy. “She has been a breath of fresh air.”

Cummings suggested that disagreement within the ranks is a considerable strength. “It is important that you have people like her—not only on my committee, but in the Congress—to remind folks of who we are, who we are as the Democratic Party, and who we have been for many years,” he explained. “And so, sure, when you do that like Ms. Cortez, you may ruffle a few feathers, but I think that, in the end, it will make us a better and stronger party.”

Cummings gave AOC high praise for her participation during last week’s House Oversight Committee hearing on the cost of prescription drugs. She asked the best set of questions of anybody in her five minutes,” Cummings said, noting that the New York congresswoman stayed for the entire hearing, which stretched beyond the five-hour mark. “It was clear that she had done her homework.”

AOC and her fellow progressives have already jumpstarted a national political discourse, floating a 70 percent marginal tax rate on income over $10 million during her ‘60 Minutes’ interview. 2020 Democratic party hopefuls are talking abuot the proposal, with  59 percent of registered American voters support the plan—including 45 percent of Republicans.

While the dynamic representative’s bold yet publicly undefined Green New Deal initially drew criticism while making waves in the Democratic Party, it has quickly emerged as something of a progressive litmus test for the Democratic field. “She is a Democrat and she is a strong, vocal advocate for our agenda,” aides reported to Tracy. “I think while initially fearful—and maybe even right to be fearful because of some of the early things that were going on—she has now come into her own and realized that she has a lot of power.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi swears in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on January 3, 2019. By Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi swears in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on January 3, 2019. By Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images.

American Women's Satisfaction W/How They Are Treated His All-Time Low, But Men Think We Are Fine

New Badass Women in Congress.jpg

How interesting that Republican white men are saying that Democrats are undoing all the progress women have made. Politico has photographed the 36 new women members of the House. 35 are Dems; 1 lone WV woman is a Republican.

I would say that Republican white men are really running scared if electing women to Congress -- unlike their white men party -- represents a step backwards for women in 2019. Let that sink in. The party that elected 1 freshman woman to the House is telling the party that elected 35 freshmen woman to the House that we are setting women back.

Hey, boys, maybe your War on Women worked so well that once and for all, you stirred up a heap of trouble for yourselves. As for your inner fears . . . you probably should be runnin' scared.

For most of you -- the ones left -- you embrace a version of Christianity that says women must be subservient to men and obey you. No wonder you're confused about the hurricane arriving in DC. All your witches on brooms jokes will get you nowhere. DEAL WITH THEM. And just remember that you and your egregious, anti-people policies are a key reason they are so pissed off.

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Serena Williams Challenges Women To Make The First Move in Superbowl Ad | Dedicates Winning Australian Open Game 1 To Moms

The great Serena Williams will be appearing in a Super Bowl ad directed by and for women. Delivering a message during Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3 for Bumble, a dating and networking app for women, Serena challenges women to “make the first move — in life, in love, in business.” “We’re living in a world and society where people are starting to see differently and starting to understand that we are just as strong and just as smart and just as savvy and just as businesslike as any other male in this world,” Williams says in the ad for the company, which says it has 47 million users worldwide and calls Williams “the ultimate first mover.”

“Every single one of us holds the power to write our own stories,” Williams said in a statement. “I look at my daughter and know it is my duty to pave a powerful path for her, and as Bumble’s global adviser, I can encourage her and women everywhere to think like a champion, define their lives and ultimately, embrace the power we have within.”

Serena Wins Game 1 Australian Open 2019

The GOAT won the first round of the Australian Open on Monday, besting Germany’s Tatjana Maria in a 49-minute match. Serena competed in a green Nike Jumpsuit, which she calls a ‘Serena-tard’. The stories of black fishnets are erroneous, as her tights were flesh-tone fishnets with all the circulation-boosting support that Williams needs to keep her safe from bloodclots.

In a piece of old news, the Women’s Tennis Association in December 2018 issued a ruling that makes Serena’s controversial black catsuit from the French Open appropriate attire.

Serena Williams, Day 1 Australian Open Jan. 15, 2019

Serena Williams, Day 1 Australian Open Jan. 15, 2019