Amal Clooney Launches 2020 Award For Young Women As Ambassador For Prince's Trust International


Amal Clooney may be a ravishingly beautiful style-setter, but most of her fans are equally inspired by her remarkable intelligence, professional focus on human rights, and willingness to give voice to the underprivileged.

Until now, Amal Clooney’s — and her husband George’s — intimate royal relationship has been with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, although the couple did attend a Prince’s Trust Internationall dinner in 2016. . Amal wore that spectacular yellow dress to the royal wedding last spring and co-hosted Meghan Markle’s recent baby shower in New York. The Clooneys also returned the Duchess of Sussex to England in a private jet after the shower. It’s also no secret that Prince Charles is very fond of Meghan and is eagerly awaiting the birth of his grandchild, where he intends to be very involved as a proud grandpapa.

It should be no surprise then that Amal Clooney, who made headlines last week attending a Buckingham Palace dinner with her husband, has agreed to assume a formal ambassadorial role with Prince Charles’ youth charity Prince’s Trust International. The human rights lawyer plans to launch her own prize named the Amal Clooney Award, to celebrate inspirational young women. The award is intended to “highlight the work of young women who have succeeded against the odds to make a lasting difference in their communities.”

The first award will be presented by Amal in 2020. Prince’s Trust International is seeking applications from women aged 11 to 30 working in “anything from sustainable farming schemes, to community projects in refugee camps, to rebuild-work in war zones”.

Mrs Clooney said : “I am honoured to have been invited by Prince’s Trust International to participate in this global initiative celebrating young women who are change-makers in their communities. It is a privilege to be able to play a part in a project that will draw attention to incredible young women who are the future leaders of our world”. via The Telegraph UK


A Week Of Karlie Kloss 'Project Runway' + 'Kode With Karlie' News Is Buried By Ivanka Tweet

Cast of Bravo’s ‘Project Runway’

Cast of Bravo’s ‘Project Runway’

Season 17 of ‘Project Runway’ premiered on Bravo this week. No longer on Lifetime where the show was hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, Project Runway 2019 on Bravo is hosted by Instagram hit, supermodel Karlie Kloss, who willingly gave up her Victoria’s Secret Wings and flew the coup to follow her own business-savvy and philanthropist-activist instincts. Think Kode With Klossy tech summer camps.

Inclusive, articulate and very 2019, the show’s progressive-mindset designer Christian Siriano replaces Tim Gunn. ELLE editor-in-chief Nina Garcia is the only returning judge, with designer Brandon Maxwell and former “Teen Vogue” EIC Elaine Welteroth rounding out the fab five.

Variety shares their positive review of the show’s “warmer, fuzzier” atmosphere and “for the people” approach in a TV genre known for its rough edges. This is no ‘Apprentice’, which might be why the always poised and articulate Kloss might let have privately let loose with a private “oh damn” when doing a last 3 days Google search. (It seems unlikely that Karlie drops F-bombs.)

Alas, the media and its readers have one obsession according to Google: It’s not clear who is driving the Karlie news car, and I fear it’s media insuring Ivanka Trump’s gushing dominance of Karlie’s headlines. Yes, they are snarky, because we all feel that Ivanka never misses an opportunity to ride Karlie’s progressive coattails in the news — as if Karlie’s well-earned hato-effect will somehow ruboff. But we could choose — indeference to Karlie Kloss — to let Ivanka’s gushing Twitter commentary go silently into the night.

Unlike Ivanka Trump, Karlie Kloss is INDEED self-made. No Russian mafia Don sold condos for cash to finance her solidly Midwestern upbring. Kloss has married the man she loves — Joshua Kushner — with a complicated family situation, as they say.

When a public-adulation sister-act only goes one way, it’s because the other party typically prefers to control her or his own narrative.

The always-astute Kloss knows that America thrives on any news, especially nuggets of dissonance between Karlie and Ivanka. Then we have dissonance between Karlie and Taylor Swift. The always chirpy, super-smart, business-savvy, socially-conscious Kloss always takes the high road, but surely she hides an inner primal scream when others co-opt her achievements.

In a week where Karlie has to be thrilled about the debut of Project Runway on Bravo, in the top 25 cable shows among adults 18-49, according to Nielsen, America wants to talk Ivanka. You can compare the ratings against Project Runway on Lifetime from October 2017. There’s always confusion about a show moving from one network to another, and here’s where Karlie’s social media presence comes into play. We’ll check back in a few.


The other headline that got our attention is Karlie taking to the streets of Manhattan to share the news that applications are open for her Kode With Klossy tech summer bootcamp.


Out of deference to Karlie, we’ll keep our lips zipped, except to ask: “Seriously, can you see the other blonde in this convo running around Soho with her mobile signup stand in tow, getting the word out on her determination to teach girls to code. If you say “yes’, we say “You’re fired!” Read on at People.


NIKE, Pls Help Us FREE 'Fearless Girl' From State Street Global Advisors. We NEED Her Now More Than Ever

The "Fearless Girl" statue is unveiled at her new home facing the New York Stock Exchange during an event on Dec. 10, 2018, held by the city of New York and State Street Global Advisors. Timothy A. Clary / AFP - Getty Images  via NBC News

The "Fearless Girl" statue is unveiled at her new home facing the New York Stock Exchange during an event on Dec. 10, 2018, held by the city of New York and State Street Global Advisors. Timothy A. Clary / AFP - Getty Images via NBC News

Patriarchal, capitalist forces are clamping down on ‘Fearless Girl’, with her ‘owners’ State Street Global Advisors saying that Fearless cannot go worldwide, unless she flies the State Street banner. A New York federal judge issued a preliminary injunction this week, barring ‘Fearless Girl’s’ birth mother and creator, artist Kristen Visbal, from duplicating her likeness in any way.

The problem is that countries and their governments worldwide want their own ‘Fearless Girl’. She is a unifying, American vision, but her ‘owners’ State Street Global Advisors say “No Way. ‘Fearless Girl is our property.”

Simply stated, yet another female has become an unwilling advocate for big-money capitalism and the boys club. ‘Fearless Girl’s’ debut on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017 inspired us beyond words. The small bronze goddess arrived in the dead of night, originally installed at Bowling Green in another legal battle with ‘Charging Bull’.

A Progressive, Pint-Size Heroine

.There’s no doubt that women, in particular, were looking for our own Joan of Arc to take on Trump. Suddenly, there she was — ‘Fearless Girl’ as our hope for restoring the real American dream — and she was facing down Charging Bull as the symbol of unfettered capitalism. Fearless Girl was supergirl, our heroine who would stop the entire Trump crowd and their thirsty desire to enrich the 1% with a trillion dollar tax cut that two years later delivered nothing except a huge increase in the US deficit.

While the Trump crowd licked their greedy chops at Mar-A-Lago, ‘Fearless Girl’ would fly atop the Statue of Liberty, climbing into her torch to send a thunderbolt of justice into Trump’s intentions of closing America’s borders to people of color from s##thole countries.

Fearless would add new and improved 21st century, eco-friendly light to her SOL’s torch, illuminating the hate and bigotry of white nationalism unleashed by Trump’s roaring, God-loving crowd screaming “Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up.” ‘Fearless Girl’ gave hope that every detail of Trump’s American nightmare didn’t have to play out before our tearful eyes. Somehow, this pint-sized, David against Goliath girl would bring Trump’s patriarchal posse to a halt.

OK, So She Was Shilling

‘Fearless Girl’ was shilling for State Street from day one, but women loved her anyway. There was no sign on her back, and we were still totally stirred up from the massive, worldwide Women’s Marches on January 21, 2017, the day after US President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

‘Fearless Girl’ was a great symbol of our resistance. Now two-years later, her owners State Street Global Advisors say that the artistic mind that envisoned her, and then created her Kristen Visbal is powerless. ‘Fearless Girl’ is a prisoner in the clutches of unfettered capitalism and Wall Street. Perhaps she should just be smashed to bits, to show young girls what happens to you in 21st century America, when you try to dream big for the little people.

In the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s defeat and the ascendancy of Donald Trump, Fearless Girl inspired millions of people — and especially young girls worldwide — with a NIKE-esque ‘Just Do It’ attitude. Do we force her into a life of prostitution for the man? Is ‘Fearless Girl’ destined to be the ultimate symbol of patriarchal, capitalist power, built on the backs of females worldwide?

Shriya Gupta of Cherokee, N.C. strikes a pose with a statue titled "Fearless Girl

Shriya Gupta of Cherokee, N.C. strikes a pose with a statue titled "Fearless Girl


There is only one brand that can solve this ‘Fearless Girl’ problem, taking her worldwide as a true symbol of progressive values. That is NIKE, led by Serena Williams, and this duo must launch a campaign to free ‘Fearless Girl’ from the clutches of Wall Street. This will be costly because State Street Global Advisors will say there is no price on ‘Fearless Girl’s’ back.

As the great Parkland activist Emma Gonzalez would say: ‘We call BS!’ In Wall Street, there is ALWAYS a price, and NIKE can pay it, while we little people expose State Street Global Advisors imprisonment of ‘Fearless Girl’ worldwide destiny. Let’s turn this cute girl’s story on its head. .

I don’t have all the details worked out in my mind, but NIKE must give Fearless more latitude. She should be part of a foundation or nonprofit. She can’t be a capitalist shill for State Street Global Advisors and then she becomes a shill for NIKE.

NIKE has the inner corporate fortitude to understand what I’m sayin’. Look at their backing of Colin Kaepernick. Help us NIKE. ~ Anne