Diet Prada Takes Victoria's Secret To Task For Ripping Off Fleur du Mal Lingerie

In May 2019, Fast Company profiled the highly-influential Diet Prada’s work calling out copycat fashion designers and championing new ones. Diet Prada cofounders Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler are among Fast Company’s Most Creative People of 2019.

Victoria’s Secret can’t seem to stay out of the news. Not only has VS landed on Diet Prada’s front page Instagram for knocking off their former design director, but the post gave Diet Prada the opportunity to slice a bit of VS flesh over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

First, the VS knockoff of Fleur du Mal’s “appliquéd Lily bras and panties, dupes of which unsurprisingly showed up for sale on VS’ website and Instagram two days ago (at half the price),” writes Diet Prada. The Columbus, Ohio-based lingerie company placed a $12,656 web order from Fleur du Mal online. As a former design and fashion director head at VS,

I agree that brand knocked off Fleur du Mal. In fact, with a knock off that literal, who needs a design staff?

Having been the VS Design Director from 2008-2011. Jennifer Zuccarini, Fleur du Mal’s founder, who previously co-founded the lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse in 2005, perhaps wondered what was happening with an order that size. I’m assuming that multiples were ordered — perhaps even enough for a test in a store or two.

Not only does Victoria’s Secret not need more bad publicity of any kind right now, but Diet Prada took the opportunity to discuss the Victoria’s Secret - Jeffrey Epstein connection.

But their troubles don’t stop there (The Fleur du Mal accusation). The recently exposed ties between L Brands’ CEO Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein Epstein, sent stock shares of VS’ parent company tumbling to the lowest they’ve been in nearly a decade. Epstein, a close friend and former financial advisor to Wexner, has of course been making headlines after being indicted on child sex trafficking charges. The day of his arrest last weekend, a trove of naked photos of underage girls was uncovered in his Upper East Side mansion, a home that was formerly owned by Wexner and reportedly transferred over to Epstein for $1. Hella shady and creepy, if we’ve ever seen it. Supermodels, it might be time to really rethink your contracts with Victoria’s Secret. Here’s to L Brands’ shares and VS’ profits tumbling even deeper lol.

I covered the latest Victoria’s Secret Epstein problems on July 12 as well. It’s difficult to process all the negative publicity VS has gotten in the last year. My in-depth comments were attached to the newest VS ad campaign. I just checked one VS Angel’s Instagram and she still hasn’t posted her campaign shots. She’s been out of the country but I say it’s no accident. On the 12th, two of the five models didn’t post the new campaign.

Victoria's Secret Kisses Network TV Fashion Show Goodbye | Thinking Next Steps


Victoria’s Secret is going to rehab and hopefully something new and wonderful will be born on the watch of former president of Tory Burch John Mehas.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show kissed network television ‘goodbye’ Friday, announcing that it will no longer air on network television after 22 years years for the fashion show, and almost two decades on television.

The announcement was made in a Friday memo to the chain’s associates from Leslie Wexner, the chief executive of Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, L Brands. Mr. Wexner said that the company had been “taking a fresh look at every aspect of our business” in the past few months, and noted that the brand “must evolve and change to grow.”

“With that in mind, we have decided to re-think the traditional Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,” he wrote. “Going forward we don’t believe network television is the right fit.” He said the company would develop “a new kind of event” on different platforms in the future, though he gave no further details.

Viewers of the fashion show have totally plummeted from 9.7 million viewers in 2013 to 3.3 million viewers in 2018. Reality is that the VS Fashion Show viewship peaked in 2001 at 12.4 million. In the months after Sept. 11 we all needed a lift, and it was the first time the show was broadcast on network TV.

When a show never again hits its debut #s — in almost 20 years — one must ask if all is well in VS brand land. Or it the VS Fashion Show the business card of the show’s producers? And the ebullient models who are overjoyed to be there?


In reality, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show - the ‘camp’ spectacle that has come to represent the brand — which is NO Gucci for shareholders with its plunging stock price— was drowning in low ratings of about 7 million viewers in 2006-2007. Mega talent and even larger over-the-top expenditures for the production lifted the viewers to 10.4 million in 2011. Increasingly the demographic was also NOT the core VS customer.

It’s difficult to watch a brand that I helped build be so out of touch with women generally and younger women in particular. Let’s hope VS is not Humpty Dumpty. Am sending all my goddess energy to VS CEO John Mehas and his team, with high hopes that they can give this aging, out-of-touch showhorse a new set of great legs. ~ Anne

Victoria's Secret To Close 53 Stores in 2019 As Global Auto Sales Also Drop In Major Spending Shifts

American teenagers no longer hang out at the mall like generations past. Their lives are far more complex and demanding; then add in the high priority of digital culture and online shopping in their lives. Their fashion fav brands often aren’t even sold in America’s shopping malls.

Last week was a brutal one for American retailers. L Brands made the decision to close 53 Victoria’s Secret stores in North America. Gap Inc. announced that it will close 230 stores in the next two years. J.C. Penney weighed in with 18 new department store closures. Earlier in February Payless announced the closure of 2,500 in America.

It’s not all bad news. Planet Fitness Chief Executive officer Chris Rondeau said his business is immune to e-commerce’s effects on brick-and-mortar, making it a good mall tenant, writes Business of Fashion.

“Our business can’t be Amazoned. We’re un-Amazonable,” he said in an interview on Bloomberg Television. “We do about 5,000 workouts per gym per week, about 8 million workouts a week in the U.S., so look at how much traffic we drive to these centers every day. And the majority of those visits are Monday through Wednesday; most retailers are busy on the weekends, so we’re a great co-tenant for these retailers to drive that traffic.”

Malls are offering 180-day leases, in hopes of attracting new pop-up concepts. In our opinion, most pop-ups don’t sign up for six-month leases. Medical offices, even apartments are moving into shopping center. As an artisan myself, I would love to see more concepts like Building Character in Lancaster, where small vendors don’t have to be onsite every day, and artisan shops are serviced by a central checkout. Our GlamTribal Elephant Love and Woolly Rising Mammoth jewelry collections did very well at Building Character, leaving me sorry to leave.


On a separate note — and part of the overall global trend — Bloomberg Businessweek features a new story This Is What Peak Car Looks Like.

For many people, new forms of mobility, led by Uber and Lyft, and including car sharing, robo-taxis, electric scooters and bikes, are making privately-owned vehicles obsolete. Only 26 percent of America’s 16-year-olds earned a driver’s license in 2017, down by half in just 36 years. The trend is global, with auto sales in China falling by 18 percent in January.

The migration of people to mega-cities is also impacting the car business, and we haven’t tackled topics of car waste generally and fuel emissions in cars. Younger people are adamantly concerned about the environment.