'Fearless Girl' Wears A Bulletproof Vest, The Newest Fashion Must-Have For Students Of All Ages

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Wall Street’s beloved ‘Fearless Girl’ got a makeover in advance of Tuesday’s election — and days before this week’s slaughter of 12 mostly young people in a shooting late Wednesday at a bar in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Artist Manuel Oliver gave New York’s most famous symbol of women’s empowerment some extra armor last Friday, dressing her in a bulletproof vest broadcasting the hashtag #FearfulGirl.

Oliver’s son Joaquin ‘Guac’ Oliver was murdered along with 16 other victims in the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“She can’t be fearless if she’s afraid to go to school,” wrote Change the Ref, Oliver’s pro-gun control nonprofit, on Twitter, about the rebranded “#FearfulGirl.” The organization is dedicated to using “urban art and nonviolent creative confrontation to expose the disastrous effects of the mass shooting pandemic,” according to its website.

Oliver sculptures of kids hiding under desks.jpg

Oliver has another project, a series of ten 3-D printed sculptures—a reference to the ongoing debate about the legality of 3-D printed guns—depicting children cowering under their desks to hide from a school shooter. Each statue in the series, titled “The Last Lockdown,” is engraved with disturbing statistics about gun violence, such as “22 kids are shot every day in America.” This fall, they toured voter-registration drives around the country.

artnet News shares the details of Oliver and wife Patricia’s extensive campaign for changes in America’s gun laws. Not many Parkland-related issues get by us at AOC, but this one did. We will dig down into the Olivers’ efforts because they are visually impressive and thereby imprinted in our minds.


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'Fearless Girl' Is Movin On Up To the NY Stock Exchange | Charging Bull Is Still Sulking

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'Fearless Girl' Is Movin On Up To the NY Stock Exchange | Charging Bull Is Still Sulking

'Fearless Girl' is on the move, and as usual, Charging Bull is making himself the center of attention. Like Trump, the mere thought of being upstaged by a little woman is way more than his fragile male ego can handle, and 'Fearless Girl' is running out of patience. 

New York mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday that 'Fearless Girl' will soon be moving to a spot facing the New York Stock Exchange. And even though theirs is a love/hate relationship the mayor would like Charging Bull to shut his whiny mouth and do what's best for the city by going with her. 

After all, Charging Bull never bothered to get a permit when his owner, the artist Arturo Di Modica, dropped the 7,000-pound bronze bull into lower Manhattan in the dead of night and without permission. 

Since 'Fearless Girl' arrived with permits and official papers -- after all, Charging Bull is an illegal -- ‘Fearless’, who played by the rules, should have the upper hand in my mind. Isn’t that what Trumplandia says about illegals?

In an act of totally Trump, over-the-top ridiculousness, both egos -- the bull’s and Modica’s -- demanded that his illegal beast be turned around, so he didn't even have even to look at 'Fearless Girl'. Meanwhile, Modica’s suing the city over his illegal bull’s alleged mistreatment for goddess knows how many New York bucks.



Fearless Girl Will Get A Permanent Home In New York, Taking Charging Bull With Her


Great News! Fearless Girl is staying in Manhattan permanently, probably inseparable from her nemesis statue, Charging Bull. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the duo seem even more inseparable. Such a decision will surely prompt wine-vinegar words from Charging Bull's, men are the masters of the universe, artist Arturo Di Modica. 

Because Fearless Girl has brought so many tourists and visitors to her small location in Wall Street, officials have traffic and safety concerns around her permanent location. Negotiations are underway between the Mayor's Office and State Street Global Advisors, who birthed Fearless Girl in time for International Women's Day 2017, regarding her long-term future location. 

“The message of the Fearless Girl statue has resonated with New Yorkers and visitors alike,” a spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio told Adweek. “Its enthusiastic reception has been heartening, and we are discussing various approaches to ensure this statue continues to be a part of the city’s civic life.”

Millions of tourists and natives have indeed flocked to see the statue since its March 7, 2017, debut. Analysts estimate that the work, which cost a reported $250,000, had generated more than $7 million in free marketing after only six months. Equally important, SSGA said 76 of 476 companies in which it invests had “actively worked to promote women” as a direct result of the campaign. Other cities have expressed interest in installing their own versions of Fearless Girl.