Agyness Deyn Plays Elaine Renko In BBC Drama 'Hard Sun' 5 Years Before End Of The World


Agyness Deyn celebrates Brittania in the Spring 2018 issue of Town & Country. The model-turned actor mounts Royal rooftops in the first-ever fashion story shot at Hampton Court Palace.  

Manchester-born Deyn reflects on her often tumultuous modeling career as the edgy-young face of Burberry and Vivienne Westwood. As for her transformation from peroxide-cropped wild child to her now nut-brown calm and quiet self, Deyn tells Sophie Elmhirst: "You grow up, as well."

 “You start something as a teenager and you become a woman,” she says now. “It was a very clear moment when I thought I have to figure out what else I’m going to do.” There were panicky moments in the trans­ition. “You think, ‘Who am I if I don’t have that?’” But also pure joy at the liberation. “I wasn’t severely unhappy but I did feel, what’s over that wall?“ she says. “It’s like when you have your first boyfriend and you can’t think of ever being with anyone else and then all of a sudden you get a bit older and you realise, there are other boys, and then, there are other men.”

Agyness Deyn has stayed true to her thicker than honey childhood relationship with also Manchester-born close friend designer Henry Holland. And she married hedgefund manager Joel McAndrew in New York, August 2016.

After precious small parts in indy films for several years, Agyness Deyn plays detective Elaine Renko in the new BBC drama 'Hard Sun'. Marie Claire UK's Lucy Pavia interviewed the actor in January 2018 about her role in the "new pre-apocalyptic series by Luther creator Neil Cross that opens in modern-day London five years before the end of the world."

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