Ana Juan's New Yorker Cover Targets America's Onslaught Against Women's Voices


I am among the women REALLY STRUGGLING with this blackout concept on FB. Apparently, another one is in effect today. I just don't get it. We're living in a moment when large #s of American men want us to shut up -- and these American women are happy to comply, thinking we will be missed.

We won't be missed, sillies. I'm shocked you can't see that. If this is your vision of political power, we are really sunk. Did people of color go black in the Civil Rights movement? Feminism is so messed up in this country.

At any rate, this new cover of The New Yorker by Ana Juan of Charlie Hebdo fame might be a compromise position. I resist changing my profile pic on a rotating basis, but I could go with this new visual to describe the coming onslaught against women worldwide and that includes America.

In a moment of irony, Ana Juan originally submitted a version of this cover as a request for one about the #MeToo movement. After careful consideration, the New Yorker passed on the cover idea. And then Christine Blasey Ford happened, telling her story about how Judge Brett Kavanaugh, most probably our next Supreme Court justice, sexually assaulted her in 1982.

The New Yorker reached out to Ana Juan, asking her for the original submission below. Unable to find it, Ana Juan asked for 30 minutes to create a new version, one that is a much stronger graphic treatment from the original. It seems very appropriate in this moment.

Women who suggest the best forms of political action on Facebook are blackouts frighten me almost as much as the men who are determined to put American women in our places. Yet, I’m a dreaded compromise-seeker trying to hold America together from opposing forces wanting to rip her in two. Ana Juan has given me a visual lifeline for my own Facebook profile picture.

Bottom line, though, silence is not golden at this moment. And the disappearance of American women from the public sphere is just fine with Republican men, as far as this woman perceives the situation.