American Women's Satisfaction W/How They Are Treated His All-Time Low, But Men Think We Are Fine

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How interesting that Republican white men are saying that Democrats are undoing all the progress women have made. Politico has photographed the 36 new women members of the House. 35 are Dems; 1 lone WV woman is a Republican.

I would say that Republican white men are really running scared if electing women to Congress -- unlike their white men party -- represents a step backwards for women in 2019. Let that sink in. The party that elected 1 freshman woman to the House is telling the party that elected 35 freshmen woman to the House that we are setting women back.

Hey, boys, maybe your War on Women worked so well that once and for all, you stirred up a heap of trouble for yourselves. As for your inner fears . . . you probably should be runnin' scared.

For most of you -- the ones left -- you embrace a version of Christianity that says women must be subservient to men and obey you. No wonder you're confused about the hurricane arriving in DC. All your witches on brooms jokes will get you nowhere. DEAL WITH THEM. And just remember that you and your egregious, anti-people policies are a key reason they are so pissed off.

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Saint Laurent Summer 2019 #YSL21 Very Sexy Legs By Juergen Teller Gives Me A Deep Surge Of Red Power

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Models Abbey Lee, Freja Beha Erichsen, Julia Nobis, and Mica Argañaraz add a dose of mega sensuality to Saint Laurent Summer 2019 #YSL21 by Anthony in images by Juergen Teller with styling by Alastair McKimm.

Many thoughts come to mind:1) Kim Kardashian West’s new red creme lipstick making its official debut on Friday January 25; 2) my old essay why women love fishnets, 3) The national response to Nancy Pelosi’s red coat, and 4) America’s Democratic women, including four who have announced presidential races or exploratory committees.

There’s a new mix of red-power ingredients in the blender, and this morning I just pushed the On button. I’m sure the final recipe will require culinary adjustments, but so far, I’m loving the taste. ~ Anne

Michaela Coel Launches Hugo Blick Netflix Drama 'Black Earth Rising' About Rwandan Genocide

Michaela Coel wears Asai top and pants, and Georgiana Scott earrings. Photographed by Laura Coulson,  Vogue , February 2019. Styling by Charlotte Roberts.

Michaela Coel wears Asai top and pants, and Georgiana Scott earrings. Photographed by Laura Coulson, Vogue, February 2019. Styling by Charlotte Roberts.

The February 2019 issue of Vogue US touches base with writer and actor Michaela Coel in a small cafe near her London apartment. AOC first met up with the Bafta-winning actor Coel in the February issue of British Vogue. Her essay ‘Flight Or Fight: Michaela Coel On Why We Need To Talk About Race’ was calming, as she dug deeper into the topic of ‘white privilege’ and racial stereotypes than the usual talking heads. I can learn from Michaela Coel.

"We are not campaigning for you to hand over your money, job, Upper Class flights and land... rather it’s the freeing of your minds from history we want"

Coel, now 31, rose to fame in Britain in the “semiautobiographical and widkedly funny TV series ‘Chewing Gum’. After dropping out of university twice, Coel ended up in drama school. So totally disenchanted with the roles offered to her, she wrote her own one-woman theatrical show, one that eventually became ‘Chewing Gum’.

‘Black Earth Rising’

Her latest TV project ‘Black Earth Rising’ is an eight-part drama by Hugo Blick, in which Coel plays Kate Ashby, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. The series will debut on Netflix January 25.

Kate is raised as the adopted daughter of Eve (Harriet Walter), a British barrister, who joins forces with her colleague Michael (John Goodman) take on the prosecution of an African warlord who played a role in ending the genocide.

In the series, Kate has to reevaluate her ideas of right and wrong, which is perhaps why she wrote such an insightful essay on race a year ago. “This role changed me as a person,” she says.

Her next project is a twelve-part drama looking at sexual consent in the #MeToo era. Cole is the sole writer for the series, one that is inspired by her own experience of a 2016 sexual assault by strangers. “It was horrific,” Coel says about the attack. “I needed two and a half years away from the event to write about it.” Coel engages—on Instagram—with her fans, many of whom have shared with her their own experience of harassment. “I really wish to give this as a gift to them,” she says. Read on at Vogue US.

Actor Michael Coel photographed by Laura Coulson,  Vogue , February 2019  Styling by Charlotte Roberts.

Actor Michael Coel photographed by Laura Coulson, Vogue, February 2019 Styling by Charlotte Roberts.