How Smells Reconnect Us To Nature: Breathing Well In Urban Spaces

How Smells Reconnect Us To Nature: Breathing Well In Urban Spaces

We live in a society focused on vision. The technology, the media, the article you are reading, all of these things are mostly perceived and analyzed through our eyes. But it is to our five senses that we owe most of our daily experiences, without always always being aware of it ...

The experience of nature is a perfect example. Our relationship with the natural environment indeed responds to a complex process involving our organs from head to toe: we enjoy a forest walk on a spring morning for the bright colors and the harsh light that runs through the foliage; for the songs of birds, for the cool wind that caresses our skin.

If this moment gives us well-being, it is the fact of multiple sensory stimuli which, by mingling, define together the same experience. Thus the experience of nature is in essence a multisensory experience. But if we enjoy a walk in the forest on a spring morning, it is also for the smells that it exhales  : here the resinous perfume of a pine, there that of the humus or the hyacinths of the woods.

Mixing Nelson Mandela's Spirit With Navajo + Peruvian Practices, Londolozi South Africa Opens Healing House Spa

Londolozi Varty Camp Spa 21019.png

Mixing Nelson Mandela's Spirit With Navaho + Peruvian Practices , Londolozi South Africa Opens Healing House Spa

Londolozi is one of South Africa’s original private game reserves, considered to be a pillar of global ecotourism. The word Londolozi comes from the Zulu word meaning ‘Protector Of All Living Things’.

Londolozi has also opened its first spa, the Healing House, and London-based Syz describes it as potentially “the most forward-thinking wellness offering in Africa.” In a story that spans generations Dave and Shan Varty have been replaced by their children Bronwyn and Boyd, who are the newest visionaries behind Londolozi.

Trained by Oprah’s life coach Martha Beck, the duo is heavily impacted by Beck’s belief “that the senses are deadened by desk jobs and smartphones and that you need to learn to listen to your body, the ultimate navigational tool, to tap into your innate wisdom”. Beck struck a deep cord in the modern0day hearts of Bronwyn and Boyd.

Impacted by their studies with Navaho medicine men and Peruvian shamans, sound — long considered to an original healing fix — is at the center of their rituals. These practices render Londolozi’s new spa as a fusion experience of ancient global practices that now harness the energy of the African wilderness.

US Ranks Poor 16th In 2015 Social Progress Index

US Ranks Poor 16th In 2015 Social Progress Index

Writing for the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof cites key measures that matter to AOC readers.

The index ranks the United States 30th in life expectancy, 38th in saving children’s lives, and a humiliating 55th in women surviving childbirth. O.K., we know that we have a high homicide rate, but we’re at risk in other ways as well. We have higher traffic fatality rates than 37 other countries, and higher suicide rates than 80.

We also rank 32nd in preventing early marriage, 38th in the equality of our education system, 49th in high school enrollment rates and 87th in cellphone use.

Amsterdam & Netherlands Score High On Global Business & Happiness Indexes

Amsterdam & Netherlands Score High On Global Business & Happiness Indexes

Website Ignant takes us on a stroll through Amsterdam on a rainy day. With a strong warning to first-time visitors to Amsterdam not to become enchanted with the hoards of bikes parked in lots, instructions are to check both directions before crossing the street. Many cyclists in Amsterdam ride their two-wheelers like rockets.

The reasons to love Amsterdam and The Netherlands are countless. Here are a few recent ones:

Amsterdam awarded prize for sustainability fund Dutch Daily News Sept 2014

At a ceremony in New York during September’s UN returns week, the City of Amsterdam was awarded a prize for its sustainability fund (the Amsterdam Investment Fund). The jury recognised the fund as “an excellent example of innovation which will significantly improve the city’s sustainability efforts”.