Gillette Venus #UseYourAnd Campaign 2015


Gillette Venus Is Launching the “Use Your And” Campaign to Inspire Women and Girls to Break Away from One-Dimensional Labels, Embrace Their “ANDs” & Achieve Their Full Potential

BOSTON, Jan 08, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) — A new Global Survey by Gillette Venus reveals that most women around the world (70%) have felt labeled by others. Those labels can be assigned as young as 10 years old and nearly half of those surveyed say those labels have had a negative effect on their lives (43%). Despite the advances of women in the work place and home, the survey shows that girls still feel being labeled affects their self-perception and life choices.

In response Gillette Venus – the world leader in female shaving – is launching today the “Use Your And” campaign to inspire women and girls to stand-up against one-dimensional labels, encouraging them to #UseYourAnd and unleash the innate potential inside all women.
As part of the campaign, Gillette Venus is releasing the new to spark a global conversation and inspire women to use their ANDs – all of the qualities, attributes and characteristics that make a woman who she is. The video features real women telling personal stories of lost potential stemming from labels, set against a re-mastered recording of the iconic ‘She’s Got It’ song.

We created this campaign based on what we were hearing from women. They feel that beauty brands tend to focus only on singular dimensions of women - either Super Model or Super Mom - when, in fact, most women are a fabulous mix of everything in between,” said Charlene Patten, Gillette Venus Global Brand Franchise Leader.

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Victoria's Secret Pulls 'Perfect Body' Campaign Days Before Annual Fashion Show Flies To London

Victoria’s Secret Pulls ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign Days Before Annual Fashion Show Flies To London

Anne Signed the Petition

Having moved in the last two weeks, I didn’t have time to post the social media dust-up around the Victoria’s Secret ‘perfect body’ campaign.

There was only time to post the campaign on Facebook and sign the petition — joining 26,000 other women and men who found the new ‘perfect body’ campaign subconsciously preying on women’s well-established insecurities about their bodies to be just that — a psychologically predatory ad campaign. 

Thanks to three young Brits who launched the petition, Victoria’s Secret has pulled their ‘perfect body’ campaign and replaced it with a more inclusive one.

According to the campaigners, the advert failed “to celebrate the amazing diversity of women’s bodies by choosing to call only one body type ‘perfect’.” They asked for the ad’s message to be changed, and for an apology from the company. As of Friday afternoon, the petition had attracted more than 29,000 signatures. US underwear company Dear Kate responded in turn, posting their own version of The Perfect Body, showcasing a variety of body types.