George Clooney Calls For Dorchester Hotels Boycott Over Brunei's Sharia Law Stoning Of Gays + Adulterers

George Clooney Calls For Dorchester Hotels Boycott Over Brunei's Sharia Law Stoning Of Gays + Adulterers

George Clooney Calls For Dorchester Hotels Boycott Over Brunei's Sharia Law Stoning Of Gays + Adulterers

Clooney reminds us that the 5th richest nation in the world hasn’t had an election since 1962. The rollout of Brunei’s Sharia death penalty for homosexuality and adultery will be implemented on April 3, prompting George Clooney to call for a boycott of these Dorchester Hotels:

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Religious Groups Tried To Block Rihanna's Senegal GPE Global Education Conference Visit

rihanna-macron-senegal's macky sall.jpg

Religious Groups Tried To Block Rihanna's Senegal GPE Global Education Conference Visit

When 10 current and three former heads of state and more than 100 ministers gathered at the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Financing Conference in Dakar, Senegal, the conference marked the first time an education financing conference has been hosted by a developing country. 

President Macky Sall of the Republic of Senegal and President Emmanuel Macron of the French Republic welcomed the more than 1200 participants including leaders from UNESCO, UNICEF, the World Bank, civil society, philanthropic foundations and the private sector. Rihanna, GPE’s Global Ambassador supported by Global Citizen, also participated.

Thankfully, Senegal's President Sall didn't bow to the generally unreported but very real protests in Senegal, demanding that Rihanna be banned from the event because of her involvement with the 'Illuminati'. 

Snopes writes that activist celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Madonna and Katy Perry are common targets of Trump's friends -- the conspiracy theorists -- who argue that these pop culture leaders are either Satanists or part of the Illuminati. This top conspiracy theory about the Illuminati posits that ultra-wealthy celebrities, bankers, billionaires and politicians are all globalists who secretly rule the world, putting their party above countries or religion. 

Hillary Clinton is considered to be among the most dangerous of the Illuminati, as Alexandra Petri wrote for The Washington Post in October 2016, three weeks before the election in: "The hideous, diabolical truth about Hillary Clinton".  

The Illuminati is believed to include many Freemasons. Although the two groups are believed to share many members and common values, they are historically separate.

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New York Met’s China Exhibition Extended To Labor Day

With over 500,000 visitors already viewing ‘China Through the Looking Glass’ at New York’s Metropolitan Museum, the China show is expected to surpass ‘Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty’ as the largest exhibition yet at the Met. The exhibition is now extended thru Labor Day September 7.

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Malia Obama Interns In Manhattan

The Presidential first daughter Malia Obama dined at La Esquina on Tuesday night, a guest of former White House chef and food policy adviser Sam Kass and his wife MSNBC host Alex Wagner. Vogue profiled the couple in Wagner and Sam Kass — Politics’ It Couple.

Malia is interning at HBO, working with Lena Dunham on ‘Girls’. Rumours are flying that Malia will likely make a cameo appearance at some point in Season 5. Don’t be deceived by the glam possibility. Malia, who just turned 17, has been spotted getting coffee for the cast and crew and keeping people away from the production set — typical intern duties.

Last summer Malia worked as a production assistant for Halle Berry’s CBS show ‘Extant’. Malia will graduate from private Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC next year and is expected to pursue a career in film and movie production. She has visited New York University, known for their excellent film school, Columbia University (her father’s alma mater) on the East Coast and Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley on the West Coast.

President Obama Heads to Kenya & Ethiopia

Malia, sister Sasha and mom First Lady Michelle Obama Obama will not be joining dad POTUS today on his brief trip to Kenya and Ethiopia. The President will be traveling with his National Security adviser Susan Rice and staff, with decision’s on how to deal with Kenya’s growing anti-gay stance looming as a difficult topic for Obama to navigate.

Politico reminds us that as the US has grown more tolerant during the Obama presidency, African countries have imposed increasingly harsher laws on gays and lesbians. Despite their vehement denials of non-interference, ample evidence exists that the anti-homosexual agenda in Africa has been fueled by America’s right-wing Christians. AOC has covered this topic for years.

Briefing reporters ahead of the trip on Wednesday, National Security Adviser Susan Rice didn’t bring up gay rights until prompted. “I have no doubt that the president will feel perfectly free to raise his concerns,” she said. But she was careful to convey that Obama isn’t singling out any country or region. “This is not for us an issue of Africa, or any country in Africa,” she said.

A “nonissue” that’s not on the agenda is how Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta referred to LGBT rights ahead of Obama’s visit, but his No. 2, William Ruto, was among several politicians and clergymen who’ve railed against homosexuality at Sunday services in recent weeks. Another lawmaker said he would tell Obama to “shut up” if he brings it up.

Eat Me Maybe

Fashion PR Aisle 8 pro Jade Jackman (l), founder of luxury cake service Eat Me Maybe didn’t dream of being a baker, in spite of inhaling smells of her Bajan grandmother’s culinary gifts. Previously of MyWardrobe and Harrods, Jackman is now baking for major fashion and beauty clients including Burberry, Maybelline, L’Oreal and more. 

Set up by Jackman and friend Andrea Gamble, Eat Me Maybe, the women have a culinary hit in the making. For now, their baking means long days and late nights into the night.  

I love that I get to work with my best friend and create incredible bespoke cakes which can literally make somebody’s birthday or even wedding,” Jackman added. “Being a part of such a happy memory is very rewarding. The worst part of what we do is that we sometimes have to decline orders because we are so busy with work or have too many to make - we can’t really complain about that though! via Vogue UK

Hudson Joins Kors To Fight World Hunger

From the Michael Kors website:

Bringing her signature sense of optimism, generosity and glamour to the table, Kate Hudson will join Michael Kors and Watch Hunger Stop to help build a world with zero hunger by raising awareness and funds for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

Kicking off in October 2015, the Golden Globe-winning and Academy Award-nominated actress’ first philanthropic role for Michael Kors will be helping to launch two limited-edition styles of the Bradshaw watch as part of this year’s Watch Hunger Stop campaign. Every sale of one of these special styles, named the Bradshaw 100, will enable 100 children in need to receive a nutritious meal through WFP’s School Meals program.* The watches will be available exclusively in Michael Kors stores worldwide and on in the U.S.

“I’m proud to join Michael Kors in this global effort to end hunger,” says Kate Hudson. “As a mother, I can’t think of anything more important than raising a healthy and educated generation of children, and WFP’s School Meals Program is committed to exactly that. This is a cause that I’m eager to be a part of because I believe we can all make a real and significant difference.”

Since launching the Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop campaign in 2013, the $25 donation for every watch sold has helped WFP deliver more than 10 million meals to poor children worldwide.