Indiana Students Demand Removal Of 'Offensive' Thomas Hart Benton Painting Honoring Triumph Over KKK

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Indiana Students Demand Removal Of 'Offensive' Thomas Hart Benton Painting Honoring Triumph Over KKK

Should every historical reference that evokes negative emotions be removed from campus?

The Indiana mural by Thomas Hart Benton is an homage to the Indiana press for breaking the Klan's grip on power in the state, but critics say its depictions of the KKK aren't just historical.

Nearly 1,600 signatories are asking the school to take down or cover the offending panel from A Social History of Indiana (1933), also known as the Indiana murals. But others are speaking up in support of the artwork, contending that Benton was looking to draw attention to the evils of the Klan.

“It is past time that Indiana University take a stand and denounce hate and intolerance in Indiana and on IU’s campus,” reads the petition, which argues that exposing students and faculty of color to the image of the KKK stands in violation of the school’s diversity policy and the student Right to Freedom From Discrimination."

Milo Yiannopoulos & Berkeley Patriots Cry Foul As Free Speech Week Falls Apart Over Incompetence


Milo Yiannopoulos & Berkeley Patriots Cry Foul As Free Speech Week Falls Apart Over Incompetence

Former Breitbart editor and style diva Milo Yiannopoulos promised to shake things up in Berkeley -- and hopefully inspire Antifa & friends to confirm every comment Trump has made about them -- with four straight days of conservative thought and luminaries. Billing the event Milo Yiannopoulos's Free Speech Week in Berkeley, all the major press reported that Steve Bannon would be joining Ann Coulter in raising hell on one of America's most liberal campuses. 

UC Berkeley said as late as Friday afternoon that they are prepared to spend more than $1 million for security at the events, bringing in hundreds of police officers from around the Bay Area. Other student leaders say the event is 'off'. 

Waiting For A Perfect Protest? Op-Ed Argues I Am The Problem, Not Antifa


Waiting For A Perfect Protest? Op-Ed Argues I Am The Problem, Not Antifa

Anne's comment: "Your op-ed sanitizes the reality of the antifa protest in Berkeley, claiming that my white woman 'perfect march' moderation (I see myself as very progressive) is a greater problem for you than antifa's right to promote anarchy -- breaking windows, shutting down businesses, creating chaos and hurting people -- because a white nationalist wants to speak on campus.

Many antifa members are as committed to overturning our govt and creating anarchy to support their vision of justice as are the white nationalists, from all I've read. Your op-ed says clearly that I -- who sued the NYPD over events in Harlem and won -- am a greater problem for social justice -- than antifa.

Those claims are 1) absurd and 2) counter-productive to the cause of social justice. I am happy to stand (and have stood ALWAYS) for BLM, as an example.

But if you also demand that I agree to no free speech for the dreadful Ann Coulter, that Condoleezza Rice is not permitted to speak on any university campus, and that I speak proudly on behalf of black-shirt violence that breaks windows and clubs people for NO obvious reason but creating chaos and overturning our economic system, then you must explain to me 1) why this is necessary; 2) how it will succeed and 3) exactly what kind of America you imagine creating in your so-called just country. " {End comment}

On AOC yesterday, I did discuss this issue and also posted the polls referenced in this op-ed. I posted a link to the clergy group that organized the counter-protests in Charlottesville and have absolutely no issue with them. But if they are arguing -- as they seem to be -- that I must support a host of other actions, like antifa in Berkeley, I cannot support that violence. I do not support anarchy and the total overturning of capitalism in America, as antifa seeks (not that I think it's even possible). ~ Anne

Boys Club | Blogger Raif Badawi Case Referred Back To Saudi Supreme Court

The second lashing of Saudi blogger and father of three young daughters Raif Badawi has been sent back to Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court. Badawi was not flogged yesterday, based on a doctor’s assertion that it might kill him, after last week’s 50 lashes.

Given the lack of a penal code in the Saudi court system, we’re not exactly sure what this means. All are hopeful, however, for the release of Raif Badawi.

The current punishment calls for Raif Badawi to receive 1000 lashes over a period of 20 consecutive weeks, along with 10 years in prison and a fine of about $260,000. Badawi, 31, was found guilty of offences related to his blog, the Saudi Free Liberals Forum, as well as accusations that he insulted Islam.

Protests erupted worldwide and on AOC,  as news of the punishment came via UK’s Amnesty International. To add insult to injury, Saudi leaders marched in Paris last Sunday in support of free speech. Thankfully, the whole world was watching the ultimate in national hypocrisy by the Saudi government!

Protests to free Raif Badawi erupted around the world in front of Saudi embassies. Ensaf Haidar, the blogger’s wife, believes that if leaders such as UK Prime Minister David Cameron and — presumably — US Secretary of State John Kerry put pressure on the Saudi government, her husband would be deported to join her in Quebec, Canada.

Haidar and their three children fled to Canada after a Saudi cleric issued a fatwa against her husband in 2011, leading to an attempt on his life. The Guardian writes:

Haidar revealed that because of the attention the case was getting she had to tell her young children – Najwa, 11, Terad, 10, and Miriam, seven – what was happening. “Raif is all over the internet, so I wanted them to hear from their mother and not from someone they don’t know. It was very hard for them to understand. It’s a very brutal thing for children to hear and they were very sad. They had a lot of questions and they were very worried for him.”

Haidar’s own family have been forced to disown her and Badawi’s father had to appear on Saudi television to condemn his son – the Saudi authorities will punish entire families of those they see as dissidents.


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