US Women's World Cup Soccer Jersey Shatters All Men's Records | NIKE Now #1 Bra Seller In US

US Women's World Cup Soccer Jersey Shatters All Men's Records | NIKE Now #1 Bra Seller In US

Women’s Soccer marches forward with escalating fanfare, breaking a new record at Nike. The world’s great sports brand Nike has sold more USA Women’s World Cup jerseys in its online store than it has any other soccer team shirt in the same season. Business Insider reports that the sale includes men’s kits and jerseys from teams like Brazil and Barcelona.

“The USA Women’s home jersey is now the No. 1 soccer jersey, men’s or women’s, ever sold on in one season,” said Nike CEO Mark Parker. “The exposure is driving outstanding sell-through in kits, high-performance bras and lifestyle extensions,” he added, stating that Nike is now the biggest seller of bras in Northern America for the first time in the brand’s history.

Take that gut punch, Victoria’s Secret. WWD is posting the stat, also. Nike said ‘bras’ not ‘sports bras’. Incroyable!

Paid less than their male counterparts, US Women’s Soccer is now in litigation with the league. For at least 5 years, the women have been pointing out — to no avail — that they are bringing in the bucks for US Soccer, but don’t get the pay.

In June 2016, a federal judge ruled that our world champion US women’s soccer team didn’t have the right to strike to seek improved conditions and wages before the Summer Olympics. AOC wrote Saturday that word is that soccer honchos have finally agreed to go to arbitration with the women.

What they lack in money, the USA women’s team has cultivated a celebrity fan base, including Jessica Chastain, Uzo Aduba, Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria and more. Many of these actors and celebs are funders of the Time’s Up initiative which is calling out the gender pay gap between the women’s and men’s soccer teams.

According to Time’s Up the U.S. girls’s soccer group are constantly ranked primary on this planet and outperform the boys’s group in terms of victories, home viewership and identify recognition. Despite making tens of millions of {dollars} for the U.S. Soccer Federation, they’re nonetheless paid much less. “So the US women’s team is the best in the world and the men’s team gets paid more? #TimesUpPayUp,” Jessica Chastain wrote on her Instagram tales.

Chastain was not alone among the Time’s Up founders women who are riding shotgun on the male butts of the US Soccer Federation.