Photographer Terry Richardson Banned By Condé Nast Writes Daily Telegraph London


Photographer Terry Richardson Banned By Condé Nast Writes Daily Telegraph London

The first thought that went through my mind in the Harvey Weinstein case was wondering if celebrity photographer Terry Richardson would get his just desserts. Richardson has proudly been the fashion industry's photographer playboy with strong suggestions that a quick fling with Richardson's ample c#ck was the price for a photoshoot with "Uncle Terry". 

AOC is unaware of any new allegations against Richardson in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal -- and so many more that we've lost count now. But The Telegraph in London dropped the story that an email they've seen was circulated on Monday at the media group Condé Nast International.  According to The Daily Telegraph, the company will no longer work with Terry Richardson. 

The message was sent by James Woolhouse, the company’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, to “country presidents” at the firm at 8.14am on Monday. Condé Nast International publishes VogueGlamourVanity Fair, and GQ, among other well-known titles.

Mr Woolhouse wrote: “I am writing to you on an important matter. Condé Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson.

“Any shoots that have been commission[ed] or any shoots that have been completed but not yet published, should be killed and substituted with other material.

“Please could you confirm that this policy will be actioned in your market effective immediately. Thank you for your support in this matter.”

Bella Hadid Is Lensed By Terry Richardson In 'Being Bella' For Porter Magazine #20 Summer 2017

Bella Hadid Is Lensed By Terry Richardson In 'Being Bella' For Porter Magazine #20 Summer 2017

The rapidly ascending model Bella Hadid is styled by George Cortina in 'Being Bella', lensed by Terry Richardson for Porter Magazine #20 Summer 2017./  Hair by Didier Malige; makeup by Dick Page

In her Porter Magazine interview, Bella speaks about her faith, her sexuality and her love life. Earlier this year both Bella and her sister Gigi protested in New York at the #NoBanNoWall protests in New York, and she told Porter: "My dad was a refugee when he first came to America, so it’s actually very close to home for my sister and brother and me. He was always religious, and he always prayed with us. I am proud to be a Muslim.”

With a Dutch mother, Bella's comfort level with her body and nudity follow the country's norms. “My mom is very European, so our whole life we were very open about that stuff. It was just more casual.”

One can't help wondering if the seemingly sensible Bella would have fallen down the same rabbit hole as her buddy Kendall Jenner did in making the now pulled Pepsi commercial. The big Supermodels -- rather than the newly-crowned social media ones -- were known for sharing an opinion about almost everything. One wonders if they would have gone sheepishly into the night of the Pepsi mess. I think not. Even if it was a quiet "Are you sure you really want to do this?" I think Naomi and Christy and Linda would have spoken their minds. None of these girls can just say "I don't like the script. I'm outta here." After all, a contract was signed, and I doubt it gives the girls that kind of leverage. But the Supers would have raised their eyebrows big-time over the insipid, totally tone-deaf commercial that Jenner produced for Pepsi. Why does she only feel anguish now? Was she as tone-deaf as the folks at Pepsi?