Claire Rothstein Snaps Tosin + Isabelle In 'What The Bellboy Saw' For Tatler UK April 2019


Claire Rothstein Snaps Tosin + Isabelle In 'What The Bellboy Saw' For Tatler UK April 2019

Models Tosin (Select) and Isabelle belong to the some rich girls just wanna have fun school, styled by Sophie Pera in ‘What the Bellboy Saw’. Photographer Claire Rothstein brings her trademark “Happy Friday Bitches” style in a scene of monumental opulence and estravagance to Tatler UK’s April 2019 issue. No commitment to saving the world here. LOL / Makeup by Terry Barber; hair by Benjamin David

Global Citizen Dakota Johnson Covers Tatler UK November 2018, Lensed By Jack Waterlot

Dakota Johnson by Jack Waterlot for Tatler UK (5).jpg

Global Citizen Dakota Johnson Covers Tatler UK November 2018, Lensed By Jack Waterlot

Actor Dakota Johnson covers the November 2018 issue of Tatler UK. The upcoming ‘Suspiria’ star is styled by Petra Flannery in luxe looks lensed by Jack Waterlot.

Speaking about playing Anastasia Steele in ‘Shades of Grey’, Dakota tells Tatler: “Playing sexual characters is interesting to me,' she says. 'I find it powerful... I've always been fascinated by women who are in touch with their sexuality, who are proud of it, who are not passive about it. I don't think that in order to be respected and in order to feel powerful that you need to be sexless.' She rails against the double standards in society that mean a man can be aggressive and admired for it, whereas 'if you're forthright [as a woman], if you're bossy, and you say what you mean and mean what you say, then sometimes you might be called a bitch or a diva.' She pauses. 'Which is wild.'“

When Time’s Up was formed, Dakota says,'My grandmother (Tippi Hedren) was like, "Guys! This has been going on forever!" It's terrible. She's so strong. She's so elegant. She's so smart and so talented. Her career was completely ruined because she said no. Because she stood up for herself. And so Hitchcock destroyed her. It's not okay to behave in a certain way in order to put yourself in a position of power or leverage. I think my grandmother is extremely supportive of the movement. My mother is extremely supportive. This does need to change.'

Cindy Crawford Covers Tatler UK September 2018, Lensed In Restraint By Yu Tsai

Cindy Crawwford by Yu Tsai for Tatler UK Sept 2018 (5).jpg

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is styled by Sophie Goodwin in veils, diamonds and glamour for 'Super Power', lensed by Yu Tsai for Tatler UK September 2018./ Hair by Dimitris Giannetos; makeup by Melanie Ingelssis

Nicole Kidman Covers New Tatler UK In Hollywood Glam Lensed By Victor Demarchelier

Nicole-Kidman-by-Victor-Demarchelier-for- Tatler-UK-July 2018 (4).jpg

Film star and activist Nicole Kidman covers the July 2018 issue of the 'new and improved Tatler UK. Lensed by Victor Demarchelier, Kidman is styled in drop dead glamour from Chanel Haute Couture, Armani Prive, Elie Saab Haute Couture and more.

Tatler's new editor-in-chief Richard Dennen has expressed a clear and consistent vision for the magazine. In a new interview with WWD, Dennen says the monthly glossy should be "impossibly chic" with mega glamour, and  "a nod to the past and a modern, more international outlook at what high society looks like today."

“What’s really exciting in the 21st century is to have these old heritage brands and to be able to update them into something which is very modern and cool — and one of the cool things about Tatler is that it’s so old and has this incredible heritage of culture, politics, high society and fashion,” said Dennen in an interview at his minimalist, all-white office at Vogue House. It’s decorated with a poster of one of his favorite Tatler covers from the past, shot by Norman Parkinson.

Fronting the magazine born in 1709 and is the oldest enduring title in the world, Kidman herself makes a strong case for the appeal of old Hollywood glamour, even if her roles represent the summit of women's issues and concerns worldwide. Read Kidman's interview with Elizabeth Day.

Jessica Clarke Wears 'The Best Dresses of the Year' Lensed By Philipp Mueller For Tatler UK


New Zealand-born Jessica Clarke fronts the February 2018 cover of Tatler UK. Stylist Sophie Goodwinchooses 'The Best Dresses of the Year', fantastically feminine confections from Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Delpozo and more, lensed by Philipp Mueller.