Anok Yai Covers Vogue Italia May 2019, Lensed By Steven Klein As 'Best In Show'

Anok Yai by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia May 2019 (4).jpg

Anok Yai Covers Vogue Italia May 2019, Lensed By Steven Klein As 'Best In Show'

Model Anok Yai didn’t even like the picture posted on Instagram, taken by a professional photographer who captured Yai, at Howard University’s homecoming week in October 2017. Eighteen months later Yai not only covers the May 2019 issue of Vogue Italia, but she is lensed by one of fashion’s most provocative, talented, transgressive photographers Steven Klein. Amazing!

Patti Wilson styles Anok Yai for ‘Best In Show’, a classic Steven Klein editorial. Great fashion photography not only understands the clothes and makes them look beautiful and of-the-moment,” says Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, “but it also brings a twist that catches the eye and captures the imagination. In the case of Steven Klein, you give him a dress, and he will give you a girl in a dress with a robot in a garden. It’s clever, conceptual, and ultimately lyrical.” .

Katy Perry Explains Her 'Transformation', Lensed By Juno Calypso For Paper Magazine March 2019

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Talent Katy Perry undergoes a ‘Transformation’, styled by Patti Wilson in looks from Sid Neigum, Maïssane Zinaï, Tabitha Simmons, Valentino, Vera Wang and more. Juno Calypso flashes the pop star for Paper Magazine March 2019.

We learn in Katy Perry’s Paper interview with Marie Lodi that she and boyfriend Orlando Bloom are so serious that they are in the “throwing out each other’s belongings without asking” phase of their relationship.

Explaining that they are both hoarders by nature, Orlando Bloom wanted to keep his old toiletry bag because it has been around the world for 10 years, even when Perry presented him with a new one for Christmas. Perry is equally bad at hoarding, especially in the clothing category.

“I have all of them,” Perry said about her old costumes and iconic looks that she’s worn over her career, like her cupcake bras. “I have my costumes, my dancers’ costumes, all of my tour sets. My whipped-cream gun.” All her memorabilia reside in a warehouse.

Anok Yai Is Lensed By Richard Burbridge In 'The New Bling' For V Magazine 117 Spring Preview 2019

Anok Yai by Richard Burbridge for V 117 (6).jpg

Rising model Anok Yai is styled by Patti Wilson in a rough elegance mix of military-influence, utility fashion pieces and dazzling jewelry. Richard Burbridge flashes ‘The New Bling’ for V Magazine 117 Spring Preview 2019./ Makeup by Kanako Takase; hair by Mustafa Yanaz

Gisele Bundchen Smolders In Vivara Jewelry Christmas 2018 Campaign By Luigi + Iango

Gisele Bundchen by Luigi + Iango for Vivara Jewelry Xmas 2018 (2).jpg

Gisele Bundchen Smolders In Vivara Jewelry Christmas 2018 Campaign By Luigi + Iango

Global earth goddess, supermodel Gisele Bundchen reminds us that sensuality is also part of the Christmas season, styled by Patti Wilson in red draped fabric to keep engaged eyes on other dazzles. Gisele is lensed by Luigi + Iango, with Wilson decorating her body with Brazilian jewelry brand Vivara for their Christmas 2018 campaign.

When writing about Bundchen’s new book ‘My Path to a Meaningful Life’, we focused on her commitment to the environment and being a global ambassador for saving the planet. The truth is that Gisele also writes about why she left Victoria’s Secret, where she reigned as supreme queen for many years.

Emma Summerton Flashes Alicia Vikander In Louis Vuitton For Vogue Spain December 2018

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Swedish actor and Louis Vuitton ambassador Alicia Vikander is styled in Vuitton by Patti Wilson. Photographer Emma Summerton makes the capture for Vogue Spain December 2018./ Hair by George Northwood; makeup by Kelly Cornwell