Marie Damian & Aira Ferreira Go Romantic In 'Heaven's Gate' By Victor Demarchelier For Vogue Japan


Models Marie Damian and Aira Ferreira are styled by Aurora Sansone in poetic, romantic femininity for 'Heaven's Gate'. Photographer Victor Demarchelier is behind the lens for Vogue Japan January 2018./ Hair by Didier Malige; makeup by Justine Purdue

Lacey Flashes Fall Patterns & Textures For Vogue Japan June 2017

Models Marie Damian, Regan Garrett & Tandi Reason Dahl are styled by Carlotta Oddi in a color/pattern burst of fashion artistry. The trio is captured in rich images by Lacey for Vogue Japan June 2017./ Makeup by Jenny Coombs; hair by Martin Cullen