Donald Trump: Why White Evangelical Women Support Him

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Donald Trump: Why White Evangelical Women Support Him

During the US president Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in early February, House Democratic women showed up clad all in white. The colour, a nod to the suffragettes, was meant to show their displeasure with the president’s policies towards women, climate change and immigration. But Trump’s contentious relationship with Democratic women contrasts sharply with the support he receives from another group of women – white evangelicals.

As is well known by now, in the November 2016 presidential election, 80% of white evangelicals voted for Trump. That constituted the largest “evangelical vote” in nearly two decades. If scholarsjournalists and the general public have puzzled over why so many white evangelicals would vote for someone whose language and behaviour violated key tenets of the Christian faith, the question of why evangelical women voted for him is even more puzzling – especially given Trump’s long track record of alleged sexual misconductand derogatory comments about women.

But the 2016 vote wasn’t a fluke. A recent poll reports that two-thirds of white evangelical women still approve of the president.

Ivanka Trump Is MIA In DC But Quietly Handed Five New Chinese Trademarks As Trade Talks Begin


Ivanka Trump Is MIA In DC But Quietly Handed Five New Chinese Trademarks As Trade Talks Begin

Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump seems to be MIA these days. In a pull-no-punches change, fashion magazines like Vogue US don't hold back in levying major criticism against both Ivanka and Melania Trump. This is a first in my memory.

Because Ivanka is so thoroughly capitalizing on her biz interests in China -- being awarded fiva new Chinese trademarks just as trade negotiations begin again -- it's clear that the presidential daughter has not ended her biz operations. Reality appears that she intends to build a major name for herself in China.

Conflict of interest? NEVER have American citizens have a family just 'rub our noses in disdain' for our silly, stupid attempts at not having an imperial presidency run by an imperial, disdainful-for- little-people family. The Trumps are so audacious that her ‘daddy’ (her word) has been quietly promoting his daughter to become president of the World Bank.

Ivanka Trump Moves To Close Her Brand Immediately, Saying She's Committed To DC

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Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s elder daughter and a top White House adviser, is shutting down her namesake fashion brand more than a year after stepping away from the company.

A spokesperson for daughter Trump's brand confirmed on Tuesday that they would begin immediately to wind down the business, not renewing licensing deals and letting employees go.

The decision comes one week after Hudson's Bay stores in Canada, who also owns Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue, announced that they would not be carrying the brand in the future due to poor sales. 

“After 17 months in Washington, I do not know when or if I will ever return to the business, but I do know that my focus for the foreseeable future will be the work I am doing here in Washington, so making this decision now is the only fair outcome for my team and partners,” Ms. Trump said in a statement.

Ivanka Trump's Quiet Complicity May Be 'Complicated' But It's Deadly For Women In America

Ivanka Trump's Quiet Complicity May Be 'Complicated' But It's Deadly For Women In America

American women -- and educated women worldwide -- worldwide would respect Ivanka Trump far more if she even signaled support for core women's issues around women's health. Republican senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have no trouble standing for Planned Parenthood. Why can't Ivanka Trump defer to her father as president -- which she must -- yet offer support to the majority of American women at the same time. President Trump is working the will of only a limited portion of the American public.  If Ivanka wants to be taken seriously in her advisory role, she must find a way to quietly signal her lack of support for certain policies in the Trump administration.

At present, the First Daughter is nothing more than dad's great enabler, a prop at her father's side quietly endorsing his every action with her profound silence. 

Ivanka Trump Tells FOX News That Daddy's Political Instincts Are Phenom So She Stays Out of Politics

Ms Hear-No-Evil, See No-Evil made it clear that in no way does she try to check prez daddy's 'phenomenal' political instincts. Can we all agree that Ivanka Trump's just on this ride for the money and thoughts that it would build her brand? And would progressives please stop beating up other Democratic women and turn their ire on people like Ivanka Trump. Kindly train your eyes on the real political villains in this American drama. I know it's not nearly as satisfying as eating your own, but still . . 

"“I try to stay out of politics. His political instincts are phenomenal. He did something that no one could have imagined he'd be able to accomplish,” the first daughter told Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” in response to a question about her father’s oft-controversial Twitter habit. “I feel blessed just being part of the ride from day one and before. But he did something pretty remarkable. But I don't profess to be a political savant.”

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The Media Goes Deeper And Deeper Into Ivanka Trump; Zembla Looks At Jared, Ivanka & Lev Leviev


The Media Goes Deeper And Deeper Into Ivanka Trump; Zembla Looks At Jared, Ivanka & Lev Leviev

Writing for New York Magazine's current cover storyCaitlin Flanagan shares an insightful view with analysis of Ivanka's childhood, her extraordinary attachment to her father -- and he to her, and the utter loathing that Progressive, Democratic and even Independent women are feeling for Ivanka these days.

Ivanka is now in Saudi Arabia, where she met with women leaders this afternoon. Surely the Trump daughter is shaking over the announcement that the FBI and now Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into ties between the Trump Administration involves a person of interest in Trump's inner circle. Most pundits point to Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner and his previously unreported meetings with sanctioned Russian bank Vnesheconombank. 

Equally interesting -- and an association that involves Ivanka and Jared both -- are the couple's ties to the King of Diamonds -- notably of blood diamonds -- Russian billionaire Lev Leviev.