Amal & George Clooney Are Pregnant With Twins! | Meet Amal's Client Nadia Murad

Human rights lawyer Amal and actor George Clooney have twin babies in their future. The well-dressed duo prefers to champion causes they care deeply about, not their glam lifestyle. Most notably, writes Vogue, Amal Clooney appeared at the UN in New York with client Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman enslaved by ISIS. In an act of feminist poetic justice, Murad is now suing her former captives. 

Last week, it was twins for Beyonce and Jay Z. What is going on here!!!

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Motherless, displaced, traumatized, grief-stricken, and the ongoing recipient of ISIS death threats, Murad counts herself among the lucky: Of the 6,000 Yazidi women and children taken during ISIS raids, she estimated that more than 3,200 are still being held in captivity. The activist highlighted one person in particular: Lemya, a neighbor and the little sister of close friends, who was only 14 when she was taken and held in the Iraqi city of Mosul by a 34-year-old man, who both raped her and told her, confusingly, that she remained a virgin. “That always sticks in my mind,” Murad explained. “That this happened to her, and she never knew what had happened to her.”

Lemya, like so many other Yazidis, remains missing. And it’s largely for their sake that Murad has sought the help of London-based human rights lawyer Amal Clooney. Together they’re attempting to remind the world that the organized killing and enslavement of Yazidis constitutes genocide. Their goal is to wrangle the assistance of the U.N. in hopes of holding ISIS accountable in international court.

“It is a genocide, and it needs to be recognized,” Murad told me through her interpreter, Murad Ismael, executive director of the Yazidi-supporting nonprofit Yazda. “That must be acknowledged, not just for Yazidis, but for any community that suffers through this. When genocide is committed, it must be seen. People must look at it with open eyes, not minimize its impact.”

Tunisia Hit With Third Terrorist Attack This Year | 30-Day State of Emergency In Place

From Anne's FB page

I want to share my FB friend Meriem's beautiful photo and say that -- while I will continue to fly the French flag -- I applaud her gesture.

With several FB friends from Tunisia, please know that I am terribly concerned about your country. Being deeply involved in Sudan for years and knowing what can happen when a blossoming society -- whose women are among the most progressive and educated in Africa -- is co-opted and redefined by fundamentalist forces, I am fearful for my friends in Tunisia.

Tunisia was hit today with its third terrorist act this year, killing at least 12 people, wounding 20 members of the presidential guard, and prompting the president to declare a 30-day state of emergency. The Tunis airport has been closed, along with tourist sites.

The attack was carried out by jihadists. Thousands, according to the NY Times, of Tunisian citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS.

My FB wall reported on two earlier attacks in Tunisia this year. The Islamic State carried out an attack at the Bardo National Museum in March, killing 22 people. In June, 38 people including 30 British tourists were killed at a beach hotel in Sousse.

Thank you Meriem for reminding us of the terrible challenges faced by the people of Tunisia, under assault by terrorists seeking to undermine their beautiful country. You are a symbol of compassion and intelligence whatever flag you are flying, and I regret that you may change it too often in today's world. I see where this is going, so be sure to tag me in the future. ~ Anne.

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Military victories over the Islamic State’s fighters will  help to destroy their image of macho invincibility. But if we really want to defeat ISIS for good, ideas must triumph. Societies must have ideological alternatives they can believe in. 

Luckily there is such an alternative. It’s called Tunisia.

Despite long odds, Tunisia (pop. 11 million) has emerged as the Arab Spring’s lone success story. Tunisians have stuck to their hard-won democratic institutions despite considerable political and economic turmoil. The Islamist Ennahdha Party has played a crucial part in this success by demonstrating its willingness to share power with its ideological opponents and allowing genuine political competition. The Nobel Committee’s decision to bestow its latest Peace Prize on four groups with prominent roles in the country’s democratic transition has lent international recognition to the Tunisians’ achievement.

Hillary Clinton's Plan To Take On ISIS | Watch Nov. 19 Council of Foreign Relations Speech

Hillary Clinton's Plan To Take On ISIS | Watch Nov. 19 Council of Foreign Relations Speech

For friends trying to understand fundamentally what's going on with ISIS, VOX shares an overview of the history of ISIS: a 15-20 minute read that is highly informative.  AOC calls out three key paragraphs that are relevant to our understanding of the world and content strategy.

9 Questions about ISIS You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask VOX

The Apocalypse

ISIS's first obsession, though, is not the caliphate but the apocalypse. The group's leaders, by every indication, earnestly believe that their role is to help usher in the final days and the end of the world. McCants explained, in his interview with Williams, how this belief developed into ISIS's focus on building a state:

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Rape of Women

ISIS also promotes what the New York Times's Rukmini Callimachi called a "theology of rape": a vast infrastructure of sexual violence and slavery, with ISIS encouraging rape as not just a tool of war but a matter of daily life in the caliphate. Yes, this is its own awful recruiting tool, but it's even more than that: It's a way for both the group and its individual members to demonstrate power by associating sexual violence with victory.

Original Caliphates Centered on Religious Expression

For jihadists, the caliphates are the height of Islam's glory, the banner of a sort of Islamic nationalism. Framing your jihadist movement as the rebirth or continuation of the caliphate is a way of asserting the idea that all Muslims should be joined in one state, that they should be ruled by Islam (or more specifically, the jihadists' version of Islam), and that all other Islamic authorities and states are apostates.
The jihadists also promote the idea that because the caliphates existed a long time ago and were politically organized around Islam, they must have therefore been ultra-conservative theocracies. But that is quite simply false: At their height, the caliphates were centers of artistic expression and scientific development.

Helly Luv, The 'Kurdish Shakira' Takes On ISIS With 'Revolution' Video

The New York Times ‘Women in the World’ (formerly of The Daily Beast) features pop star Helly Luv, dubbed the ‘Kurdish Shakira’. In her new video ‘Revolution’, Luv rallies men and women in a Kurdish war zone.

“People all around the world, round the world don’t be scared. Come together let ‘em know, let ‘em know, we’re right here,” she sings throughout the video that features real people facing the day-to-day threats of Islamic militants.

Vice writes that the redhead is on ISIS’s radar for ‘Revolution’. Her ‘Revolution’ video was shot about two miles away from the front line separating ISIS militants and the Kurdish Peshmerga troops.

Helly Luv and her Peshmerga mother fled Iran for Turkey, days after she was born. They lived homeless in Turkey for several years before moving to Finland as refugees. At age 18 Helly moved to LA and made contacts in the music business before returning to the Middle East to create music and videos that combat terrorism with messages of pride, unity and peace.

In her own words, Luv reveals her determination to stand up to ISIS.

‘Revolution’ is not only the story of Kurds. It’s the story of us all, because ISIS is not just the enemy of Kurds; they’re the enemy of the whole world. It’s our own responsibility to come together, unite, and fight against them. If we don’t, then tomorrow they will expand; they will get more powerful. I went to Los Angeles and created “Revolution” with the same producer and the same staff who did “Risk It All,” and it was the most difficult song to record; I was basically crying the whole time. Violence and terrorism is everywhere. Yesterday, it was in Germany, before that it was Tunis, and before that it was Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Update Kurdish Women Fighters

AOC has followed the incredible story of the Kurdish Women Fighters who are taking on ISIS. filmed a documentary ‘Her War: Women VS. ISIS’, telling the story of young Kurdish women in Syria who are defending their country while advancing their hopes of self-government. The Kurds are an ethnic group that is culturally and linguistically related to Iran. The Kurdistan region spans adjoining parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

A new article at Muftah centers on Western media’s romancing of the Kurdish women fighters, promoting them as seekers of democracy.

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Queen Rania Pleas For Arab Action Against ISIS

Queen Rania calls for unity against terrorism

Jordan’s Queen Rania delivered the comments above and many more, via satellite to the Government Summit in Dubai on Monday, February 2009. Queen Rania was originally scheduled to attend the conference but has remained in Jordan as her husband King Abdullah moves to lead Jordan’s attacks on ISIS over the death of Jordanian pilot Captain Muath Al Kasaesbeh.

Discussions on the future role of governments in this summit could not have come at a more pressing time, said Queen Rania. “We need to act. We are in a race against time to adopt policies and address the priorities which confront us today — most importantly to eliminate the ideology of hate and terrorism.”

She emphasised the need to change education policies in the Arab world to ensure quality education that instils true values of religion, patriotism, coexistence and hard work in the new generations.

To capitalise on the full potential of countries in the Arab world, new policies that foster talent and innovation should be adopted to guarantee enough job opportunities for youth to enter the labour market, said Queen Rania.

Policies should ensure the fair participation of all members of society, women and men, from all ethnic and religious groups, she said.

Many Americans were surprised to learn that the UAE had grounded its military strikes against ISIL/ISIS after the capture of Jordan’s pilot Captain Muath Al Kasaesbeh, unsatisfied with America’s sufficient rescue support systems in the region. The US military rejects the idea that changes were made in response to the UAE action — arguing that rescue support plans were being reshuffled anyway.

The UAE squadron of war planes is striking ISIS targets from Jordan, where they will remain. We currently can’t confirm if Mariam al-Mansouri, who previously led the United Arab Emirates fighter jets attacking ISIL/ISIS is in the new squadron.

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Anne’s Homes in the Heart of Terrorism

90 West Street New York - The Little Building That Never Bowed To Terrorists Sensual Rebel

I moved to 90 West Street from Jersey City in 2005, wanting to live close to the rebirth of the World Trade Center Area. The events of September 11 had affected me deeply, standing at a municipal building in Jersey City watching the Towers fell. Three of the terrorists lived a few blocks from me, although my beautiful loft was an oasis of its own and I didn’t interact a lot with my community.

My heart was very heavy on September 11, 2001 as I gasped at what was happening. Many people cheered when the World Trade Center towers fell.  They weren’t terrorists — at least I doubt it — but the moment was one of understanding just how complex life had become in America. This complexity has only become more difficult in America and globally in the last decade and a half.

Angelina Jolie Strikes Twice Today

AOC founding muse Angelina Jolie is pictured above at the June 2014 London summit devoted to sexual violence — primarily against women — in war. Angelina embraced Congo campaigner Neema Namadamu, whose own daughter was attacked by a group of men close to home.

Jolie co-hosted the ‘End Sexual Violence in Conflict’ summit in London with former British Foreign Secretary William Hague, her passionate partner in getting G8 nations to formally adopt a policy of treating rape as a war crime.

London Centre on Women, Peace and Security at the London School of Economics

Jolie, a special envoy of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, announced today the creation of a new center that will educate students about the participation of women in “conflict-related processes” and “on enhancing accountability and ending impunity for rape and sexual violence in war,” according to a press release from the London School of Economics.

The Centre is a collaboration among LSE, Mr Hague, Ms Jolie, and the UK Government. Angelina said:

 I am excited at the thought of all the students in years to come who will study in this new Centre. There is no stable future for a world in which crimes committed against women go unpunished. We need the next generation of educated youth with inquisitive minds and fresh energy, who are willing not only to sit in the classroom but to go out into the field and the courtrooms and to make a decisive difference.”

Brangelina Baby #7

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RedTracker: Queen Rania Is Comforter & Activist | Hebun Sinya Killed In Kobani

RedTracker: Queen Rania Is Comforter & Activist |  Hebun Sinya Killed In Kobani

In one of the most poignant images of Jordan’s Queen Rania that I’ve seen, Jordan’s First Lady comforts the devastated Anwar Tarawneh, widow of Moaz al-Kasasbeh, the captive pilot burned alive by ISIS.  The couple were married for only five months, when her husband ejected from his fighter jet in a raid on ISIS. 

Reports are that Tarawneh learned of her husband’s death in a Facebook post saying ‘Rest in peace, Muath (Moaz)’, a story she relayed to Queen Rania at her home near the southern town of Karak.

On a related note, AOC has consistently covered the brave Kurdish women fighting ISIS in Kobani (Kobane). We are saddened to report that Hebun Sinya, a prominent leader in the YPJ — the women-only offshoot of the Kurdish YPG group and about one-third of the forces fighting in Kobane — was killed in the final fight to push ISIS out of Kobani (Kobane).

Hebun Sinya, also known as Hebun Dêrik, was a prominent figure within the YPJ - the woman-only offshoot of the Kurdish YPG group that has represented about one-third of the fighting force that has retaken control of Kobani