Hao Zeng Flashes Ange-Marie + Najiyah In 'Cool Kids' For L'Officiel Malaysia December 2018

Models French beauty Ange-Marie Moutambou and New York-based Najiyah Imani are ‘Cool Kids’, styled by Jeffrey Yan in Marc Jacobs Grunge looks. Photographer Hao Zeng captures the duo for L’Officiel Malaysia December 2018./ Makeup by Deanna Melluso

Hao Zeng Flashes New East Asian Beauty & Individuality For Models.com


Photographer Hao Zeng captures a new wave of East Asian models that reflect the rise of inclusion in the modeling industry, meant to address exploding luxury markets in China, Japan and South Korea. Zengshares the exclusive with Models.com, whose editor Irene Ojo-Felix argues correctly that inclusion and the rise of individuality on social media welcome and redefine beauty, rejecting exclusively European/American standards. Long hair, short hair, freckles, tattoos, piercings and a range of crème brûlée skin colors have redefined beauty standards in East Asia and around the world./ Hair by Cyndia Harvey; makeup by Frankie Boyd

Models Kiko Arai, Huan Zhou, Gao Jie, Manami Kinoshita and Zuoye are styled by Connie Berg in somber colors with graceful, architectural shapes.  

Alécia, Sarah & Suzanne Are Birds of Summer By Hao Zeng For Boulevard Magazine


Alécia, Sarah & Suzanne Are Birds of Summer By Hao Zeng For Boulevard Magazine

Models Alécia Morais, Sarah Brown and Susanne Knipper are 'The Birds of Summer', styled by Anna Katsanis casual sorority-girl looks. Photographer Hao Zeng flashes the trio in an exquisite editorial gem for the arty poetry and culture mag Boulevard. / Hair by Lizzie Arneson; makeup by Colleen Runne