Clinton, Sanders, Obama: The Democrats Try To Define Terms of a Peace Treaty

Clinton, Sanders, Obama: The Democrats Try To Define Terms of a Peace Treaty

Since releasing this post earlier, Senator Pernie Sanders has met with President Obama and about 90 minutes later President Obama released his HIllary Clinton endorsement video.

The duo will set off for Wisconsin next week in their first campaign event together.

President Obama Endorses HIllary Clinton

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Dear Berners: A Word About Your Threatened Coup! HillaryWomen News

Hillary insists that we behave with decorum and compassion at this difficult time in the Sanders campaign. We are digging deep into our souls because we remember how we felt exactly 8 years ago, when Hillary took herself out of the election. She was way closer to being tied with Obama than you are with her.

BUT, if you think that you will wrestle the Democratic nomination out of Hillary Clinton's arms over some silly poll argument that EVERY major polling organization says is nonsense; if you think that you are going to stage a coup against a lead of probably 3.5 million votes by midnight and 300 pledged delegates -- well you have a pussy riot waiting for you in Philadelphia.

Whatever demonstrations you have planned will wither compared to the millions of women and men across America who will be marching to Philadelphia to protect what Hillary Clinton has won fair and square. You think we have no enthusiasm?? You think again.

We just want you to understand where the Hillary crew is coming from. And it won't be pretty. When I saw these glam biker babes, I just had to get my point across. ~ Anne