Alyssa Miller Packs Her Boho Pilgrim Bags, Lensed By Harper Smith Summer 2018 Campaign


Model Alyssa Miller showcases key elements of her eponymous Pilgrim Handbags and Luggage collection, lensed by Harper Smith. In the words of her Pilgrim copywriter:


[pil-grim, -gruh m] A traveler or a wanderer, especially in a foreign place. 

If you are like us, you're counting down the days until your next journey. Dreaming of the days when all responsibilities fly away and the unknown awaits. Welcome PILGRIM.

PILGRIM was started by Alyssa Miller, a traveling model, musician, photographer and writer. Alyssa often found that the luggage she traveled with not only lacked a certain je ne sais quoi, but never quite functioned in the ways that she wanted and needed. As her frustration grew, she started experimenting with making her own pieces, and PILGRIM was born.