Adut Akech Goes Beautifully Bold, Lensed By Daniel Jackson For Allure US May 2019

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Adut Akech Goes Beautifully Bold, Lensed By Daniel Jackson For Allure US May 2019

The pervasive rise of model Adut Akech gets another boost, covering the May 2019 issue of Allure US. Daniel Jackson captures Adut, with styling in Prada, Versace, Balenciaga and more by Alex White. / Hair by Ward; makeup by Hannah Murray

Baze Mpinja conducts the interview. ‘Adut’s World’.

Gemma Chan Can't Help Talking Substance, Lensed By Paola Kudacki For Allure April 2019

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Gemma Chan Can't Help Talking Substance, Lensed By Paola Kudacki For Allure April 2019

Actor Gemma Chan is styled by Karen Kaiser in images by Paola Kudacki for Allure US April 2019./ Hair by Kevin Ryan; makeup by James Kaliardos. Jessica Chia conducts the interview.

Chan has dominated headlines since playing the troubled cousin Astrid in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. Chan reminds us that political correctness works both ways, and she’s clearly still smarting from the racial pushback against her for playing Bess of Hardwick from the 2018 film ‘Mary Queen of Scots’.

Super-feminist Priyanka Chopra Goes Lip Gloss Only For Allure, Has Choice Words For Women


Self-identifying 'super feminist' Priyanka Chopra covers Allure magazine's first digital cover package with a strong message to women about the need to change how they view themselves. 

Posing on the Greenpoint waterfront in Brooklyn, Chopra's only makeup was moisturizer and lip gloss, hoping to extend the conversation about how beauty impacts identity. 

“A lot of the things media has perpetuated have created false standards around beauty. People that have not grown up seeing themselves in the space have a harder time accessing self love and acceptance. That's something we really push,” Allure's digital editorial director Kelly Bales tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It's been a huge mission for Allure — how can we right some of these wrongs of the past, re-educate both ourselves and our audience to have a larger scope of what we consider beautiful?”

Chopra discusses how women have been conditioned to think about the need to constantly change themselves. "We’ve always been treated as second-class citizens. We’ve always been told that only one of us can win and only the best one will get the cutest boy … Can we for a second love ourselves and say ‘I do not need all of these magazines to tell me to how to lose the weight or how should I starve because I want to please a man?’”

Camila Falquez Captures Janelle Monáe In 'An American Dreamer' For Allure US July 2018

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Model Janelle Monáe is 'An American Dreamer', styled by Jaime Kay Waxman. Photographer Camila Falquez is in the studio for Allure US July 2018./ Hair by Nikki Nelms; makeup by Francelle

i-D featured photographer Camila Falquez's 'radically soft photos of black masculinity' in December 2017. The Brooklyn-based photographer convinced her model, LZ Granderson, that posing in pink tulle would not hurt his career. I said, ‘Listen, trust me. You want to be seen as a man ready to change the stories told about men,’” Camila recalls. Camila first met LZ, an aspiring politician, when she was taking photos at this year’s Afropunk Festival and fell in love with his aura. “He was so gracious, honest, and giving in the way he posed.”

Jean Campbell Is Lensed By Daniel Jackson In 'Avant Garden' For Allure US June 2018


Model Jean Campbell is in full-floral hairpiece regalia, styled by Jaime Kay Waxman. Daniel Jackson is behind the lens, flashing 'Avant Garden' for Allure US June 2018./ Hair by Bob Recine; makeup by Kanako Takase