Ryan McGinley Flashes 'Up In Arms' With Young Gun Control Activists For Dazed Magazine S/S 2018


Ryan McGinley Flashes 'Up In Arms' With Young Gun Control Activists For Dazed Magazine S/S 2018

Dazed Magazine's Summer 2018 issue focuses on Youth in Power: the gun control activists changing America. I just discovered the convo myself, but the cover article is rich in links and other articles about the activists beyond this cover story. Thank you Dazed Magazine. Yours is journalism at its best!!!

Ryan McGinley captures the Parkland students and activists from around the country in 'Up in Arms' styled by Emma Wyman./ Hair by Jawara; makeup by Francelle Daly

Whole Foods Markets Wipes Instagram Clean To Support Honeybees & National Pollinator's Week

EcoWatch explains why it's critical to protect endangered species, citing, for example, the rusty patched bumble bee species that has declined by 87 percent in the last 20 years,  disease, climate change, pesticides, habitat loss and intensive agriculture.

“We launched the Give Bees A Chance campaign because kids are often taught to be afraid of bees, but the role they play in our ecosystem is imperative and deserving of our respect and protection,” explains Nona Evans, president and executive director of Whole Kids Foundation. “One of the best ways we can teach kids about bees is through educational beehives at their schools, where they get an up-close look into the world of pollination.”

Bette Midler & Michael Kors Open Solar-Powered Essex Street Community Garden In Brooklyn


Mega talent Bette Midler and designer Michael Kors, joined by his husbandLance LePere, reminded New Yorkers Thursday night that wonderful gifts to humanity can come in small packages. Honoring the summer solstice, the trio joined New York Restoration Project (NYRP) Executive Director Deborah Marton in a ribbon-cutting for the newly restored green space, called the Essex Street Community Garden.

Attending an old-fashioned, New York block party, the global citizens celebrated the 3,200-square-foot green space is the first New York community garden that is entirely solar-powered, featuring Wi-Fi, a projection screen, and greenery that was planted by Kors and other community members themselves. The garden, one of 52 that NYRP installed around the city, will be an intended haven for weddings, yoga classes, movie screenings, and more celebrations to come, bringing together locals into a shared space, writes CR Fashionbook

The activist and philanthropy players have worked with NYRP for the last 21 years, after Midler brought Kors and LePere into the organization. 

Trump Revokes National Ocean Policy As Britain Launches Audit Of Fast Fashion Impact Environment


Trump Revokes National Ocean Policy As Britain Launches Audit Of Fast Fashion Impact Environment

Donald Trump cares little about the environment, and that was never more clear than when issued an executive order Tuesday revoking the 2010 National Ocean Policy of the Trump administration. Economic development is Trump's top priority, and if he puts the entire global ecosystem in peril, he could care less. That includes local quality of life as well. His mentality is drill baby drill. As for massive guts of plastic floating in the oceans and killing our fish, basta! Trump insists that it is RIGHT to pollute, to desecrate, to kill the earth in the name of consumption and economic development.

The Obama administration’s goal was to guide a more coordinated, sustainable management of the oceans and coasts in collaboration with states and tribes. Republican opponents call such a plan the liberal bureaucracy in action.  On Tuesday, conservation groups voiced strong opposition to Trump’s action, which, among other things, ensures “federal regulations and management decisions do not prevent productive and sustainable use of ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes waters,” according to the executive order.

The difference between Trump's attitude on consumption and sustainability could not contrast more with Britain's. While Trump practically demands that we pour more chemicals and plastic into the ocean, Britain's House of Commons has launched an environmental audit to assess the impact of fast fashion in the UK.

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry Takes A Stand For Immigration Ethics & Lab Grown Diamonds

sustainable jewelry 62118.jpg

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry Takes A Stand For Immigration Ethics & Lab Grown Diamonds

Jennifer Fisher's Instagram page is testimony to her customers' love for OTT jewelry -- aka statement or major bling designs. Why not wear two giant hoops in one ear, writes Vogue. More is better. And just to reinforce the idea that today's bling-lovin girls can also have heart, Fisher throws in ACLU petitions and sad pics of immigrant kids at the border, lost in America's totally dysfunctional immigration system. 

Jennifer Fisher's approach to jewelry design and her personal/brand values underscores that people must not judge a book by its cover -- a challenge in today's Inst-world. The idea that more-is-more may not reflect your personal values. They are not mine, but I will not criticize any brand that is working to product more "sustainable" or "earth-friendly" jewelry

Fisher's new relationship with Diamond Foundry reflects her customers’ changing views on diamonds, particularly her millennial fans who are candidates to buy lab-grown diamonds. “As we’ve grown, people have been asking us more and more questions about [the origins of] our diamonds,” she said. “This new generation wants to know that no one was harmed [in the mining of the stones], and that they essentially have a carbon footprint of zero. But at the same time, we’re getting tons of requests for diamond stud earrings—so I thought now was the perfect opportunity to become more sustainable.”

Johanna Uurasjarvi Becomes Chief Design Officer For J Crew, Joining CEO Jim Brett

J Crew 6-2018.jpg

J. Crew announced on Monday that Johanna Uurasjarvi will take over as Chief Design Officer for embattled retailer J Crew. The Finland native was previously Creative Director of West Elm, a division of Williams Sonoma, after a decade as Creative Director of Anthropologie. She launched Anthropologie's first in-house design team and developed its wholesale brand Leifsdottir. 

At both companies, Uurasjarvi worked with Jim Brett, now CEO of J Crew. Brett reflected on the many years he’s worked with Uurasjarvi and her eye for design.