Would Frida Kahlo Call Donald Trump 'Chimp' & Hillary Clinton 'Bonobo'?

Would Frida Kahlo Call Donald Trump 'Chimp' & Hillary Clinton 'Bonobo'?

Bonobos are by definition progressive Democrats and -- upon reflection -- perhaps the Democratic party should schedule a presentation on patriarchal chimps and matriarchal bonobos at the upcoming July presidential convention. With a prime time night presentation, the DNC could give the nation Mother Nature's best reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Simply stated, bonobos rock and Frida Kahlo would have found the species to reaffirm her feminist beliefs around cooperative culture and our human roots in Africa. Coming out of Philadelphia and heading for November's presidential election, we must be sure that a bonobo rules. ~ Anne

Chiara Scelsi Goes Romantic By Victor Demarchelier For Vogue Japan August 2016

US Supreme Court Delivers A Huge Win For Abortion Rights

Today's 5-to-3 Supreme Court decision was the institution's most sweeping statement on abortion rights since Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992. The majority of justices were generally skeptical of abortion restrictions in a restrictive Texas law that theoretically made the medical procedure -- which is far safer than a colonoscopy and almost any other medical procedure -- safer for women. Instead, the majority of justices found that Texas had crossed the line, placing an "undue burden" on Texas women seeking to exercise their abortion rights.  The Texas law -- which has been adopted in other states -- already reduced the number of medical health facilities offering abortion services in half. Had it stood, the number would have declined to about 10 for a 2013 high of about 40.

The decision on Monday means that similar restrictions in other states are most likely also unconstitutional. The opinion was so detailed and encompassing that it imperils many other kinds of restrictions on abortion.

Justice Stephen G. Breyer wrote the majority opinion, joined by Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. dissented. Roberts and Alito wanted to send the law back to the lower court to hammer out the problems whereas Thomas accepted the law in its current form.

Sweden's Angelo Vukasovic Loves Giraffe Meat As Britain Honors Slain MP Jo Cox

DNA Research Explains Giraffes Long Necks As Global Population Plummets 40% AOC GLAMTRIBAL

It was World Giraffe Day on Tuesday, as global activists tried to raise consciousness about the massive decline of giraffe populations worldwide. But it was Sweden -- home to all the values global progressives hold dear -- where news was made, as Angelo Vukasovic, treasurer of the Sweden Democrats Party in Nybro, who make big news. Photos of Vukasovic, treasurer of the far-right Sweden Democrats in Nybro and manager of a hunting shop. posted images of a hunting trip to South Africa, where he and friends hunted, killed and then roasted several wild animals.

Vukasovic says giraffe is far and away the tastiest meat, followed by lion.

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We're investigating Sweden's anti-immigration group of right-wing hunters on Wednesday June 22, the day before Britain votes on Brexit, their decision about whether or not England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales will remain in the European Union.

It seems that there exists a strong right-wing connection among big-game hunting,  anti-immigration views and gun control. After the terrorist, hate-crime assassinations in Orlando, the world is focused on the intersections of these important topics: a reality that affects all of us on every continent.


Big Game Hunting From Girafffes To Jo Cox To Orlando

Ironically, today June 22 would have been British MP's Jo Cox's 42 birthday. Cox, who was brutally assassinated last week -- most likely because of her strong progressive, political views which embraced immigration -- was eulogized by her husband Brendan Cox, sole parent of their two children.

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Cox was shot and stabbed multple times in her local Yorkshire village, by Tommy Cox, who briefly appeared in court on Saturday, saying "Death to traitors, freedom for Britain."

"She cherished every moment... I remember so much about her but most of all I will remember that she met the world with love and both love for her children, love in her family and also love for people she didn't know.

"She just approached things with a spirit, she wasn't perfect at all you know, but she just wanted to make the world a better place, to contribute, and we love her very much."

Brendan Cox ruled out seeking the Labour nomination for her Batley and Spen constituency as a way of honoring her death. But he did say that he hoped she would be replaced by a woman, sharing his hopes that it would be "a lovely symbolism' if they become Labour's 100th female MP."

Cara Delevingne Uses Her Naked Body For Launch Of 'I'm Not A Trophy' Campaign


Cara Delevingne Uses Her Naked Body For Launch Of 'I'm Not A Trophy' Campaign

Super talent and model Cara Delevingne poses naked in a new animal rights campaign 'I'm Not a Trophy', dedicated to raising awareness that the Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years. Founded by artist and photographer Arno Elias -- a talent who has had significant impact on my life, moods and creative personality through his Buddha Bar recordings -- 'I'm Not a Trophy is focused not only on species decline and poaching  but also on trophy hunting. 

Delevingne is committed to saving all our endangered species, but lions are very close to Dara's heart. After Cecil the Lion was murdered last year by trophy hunger Walter Palmer, Cara auctioned off her watch to raise money for wildcru.org, Britain's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.