Interview Magazine, Founded By Andy Warhol in 1969, Shutters Doors, Will Declare Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


Interview Magazine, the iconic arts and culture publication, is folding, handwriting that was on the wall a few months ago, when Interview abandoned its offices in a landlord-tenant dispute over unpaid rent, followed by a lawsuit filed in early May by Fabien Baron, Interview's former editorial director. Ezra Marcus, an associate editor at the magazine, said by email with the New York Times on Monday, that the staff was notified earlier in the morning that Interview, founded by Andy Warhol in 1969, was closing and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

Interview was purchased by Brant Publications in 1989, two years after Andy Warhol died. Billionaire Peter M. Brant is a contemporary art collector married to former top model and Victoria's Secret pre-Angels muse Stephanie Seymour. 

The May 2 lawsuit filed against Interview by former editorial director Fabien Baron and his wife, stylist Ludivine Poiblanc, cited more than $600,000 in unpaid invoices. Baron -- the former creative director of Calvin Klein and now head of ad agency Baron & Baron -- resigned after nearly 10 years as editorial director. Sources say that Karl Templer, who left his position as Interview’s creative director, was owed at least $280,000.  Templer was also mentioned in the Boston Globe's winter expose on sexual harassment of models. 

Billy Kidd Eyes 'Why, Ms Jones', Starring Rashida Jones For Porter Edit May 18, 2018

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Bill Kidd Eyes 'Why, Ms Jones', Starring Rashida Jones For Porter Edit May 18, 2018

Small-screen actor Rashida Jones explains to Olive Wakefield that her privacy is paramount and fame is not her motivating force. Hence, Rashida Jones doesn't pursue roles in big movies, as the personal price is too high. Simply stated, she would rather dance, Jones explains in Porter Edit May 18, 2018. .

Photographer Billy Kidd captures Jones, styled in tailored menswear looks styled by Katie Mossman./ Hair by Brent Lawler; makeup by Dotti

It's a given that an female actor today will be asked about sexism in Hollywood, and Jones weighs in with her thoughts. When writing a decade ago, Jones became very frustrated about the feedback on her female characters. 'She's not likeable enough' was a common criticism. Men can have a string of negatives that make them strong, powerful and intoxicating. But women are taught to be nice, Jones reminds us for the 1000th time.

Level Up Inspires Men To Send Snaps To London Sun's Annual Best 'Bust In Britain' Competition

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Level Up Inspires Men To Send Snaps To London Sun's Annual Best 'Bust In Britain' Competition

Level Up, a feminist organization in Great Britain created in 2017 and led by Carys Afoko, has a clever response to the Sun's annual 'Bust in Britain' competition: no marches; no rants; no lectures. Reading the Sun ground rules and realizing there are no gender restrictions, Afoko had a light bulb moment. 

“It is such an old-fashioned idea of beauty they are promoting. They say they are looking for the best breasts. But actually what they mean is - if you’re skinny, if you’re white, if you’re young and if you’ve got big boobs. Then you’re beautiful,” says Afoko. “Let’s bring the Sun’s competition into the 21st century.”

By encouraging men and non-binary people to take snaps for the competition and getting worldwide press in the process, Afoko hopes that a man might actually win in 2018. It is interesting that many of the men struggled with taking a “sexy” selfie, Afoko says. “They got very self conscious and felt exposed. It took a few conversations to get them to do it. We were seeing men feel like they are an object, like women do.” 

Ellen Von Unwerth's 'Ladyland' London Exhibit Inspires A Decade Of Her Archives At AOC

Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth has not veered ever away from her style of capturing multidimensional women through a lens of unbridled sexuality, sensuality and freshness. EVY's women are free spirits today, just as Claudia Schiffer revealed in her landmark 1990 Guess campaign. 

EVU's understanding of women is on display as part of her first London retrospective, 'Ladyland', on view at the Opera Gallery. 

Having been a model herself, von Unwerth was fed up, not so much with the proverbial male gaze, but with her own lack of creative freedom and self-expression. 

“I’ve always loved to portray women who are strong, who are playful, who are self-assured, and who really own their sexuality, which is why I love working with Claudia, and Naomi, and all those girls,” she explains. “But then something I always come back to is fragility. I look for that in the women I shoot, too. I don’t want to objectify women, or cast them only in this ‘sexy’ light. I want to see every side of them. There are so many sides to women. That’s why some of my best shots come when the girls think the camera has stopped rolling, you’re seeing something different to what they give you when they know they're being watched, a vulnerability.”

Major Innovation In Color Technology Will Revolutionize Visual Artistry & Complexity In Fashion

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Gucci's Alessandro Michele will lose his mind with the possibilities for larger quantities of  complex visual artistry for patches large and small on a limitless range of products.  Creations now relying on silkscreen and transfer image printing can utilize embroideries as well with this breakthrough. 

The standout Gucci creative director and designer shared "GucciHallucination 2018 a few weeks ago. Fasten your seat belts because surely he will take us on a magic carpet ride in the near future once he understands the capabilities of having a true canvas on which to paint his color-saturated dreams.

Kaia Gerber Shows Off Three New Omega's Trésor Watches, Tells Fans To Make Her Earn Being A Supermodel

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Kaia Gerber Shows Off Three New Omega's Trésor Watches, Tells Fans To Make Her Earn Being A Supermodel

Fast-rising model Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford,  recently introduced three new models for Omega's Trésor timepiece collection. Kaia joined her family at a September 2017 'Her Time' event in Paris, for her debut as an official Omega ambassador, and now she is hard at work for the brand. SCMP features the new collection. 

Crawford has raised a smart daughter, as Kaia dismisses the claim that she is a supermodel in an interview at the Berlin event with Marie Claire UK. The very idea of Kaia achieving supermodel status takes grade inflation to an entirely new level, yet media calls every model today a supermodel.  You get a magazine cover, you're now a supermodel. Kaia says that's wrong.

Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber Archives @ AOC