Carine Roitfeld's Chanel Fall 2011 Ads Are Witty & Real Life Fun


Carine Roitfeld’s Chanel Fall 2011 Ads Are Witty & Real Life FunAOC Sensually Yours

Roitfeld tries to free Chanel’s Charlenes — the women of every age who buy the product. 

She can’t go very sexy because that’s not the Chanel brand DNA. Chanel is like Ralph Lauren. Everything is about appearances and having a magical, aristocratic life.

With this first campaign, my girl Carine Roitfeld gives Chanel a shot of adrenalin that is fed from the bottom up, not top down as Lagerfeld himself prefers to do it. Both the cats and photo booth concept come from the young women and not Lagerfeld. They are FUN! They are WHIMSICAL! They are not DOUR!