Annibelis Baez Is Ready For Waves In 'Gut Instinct' By Benny Horne For Porter Magazine #31

Annibelis Baez by Benny Horne for Porter Magazine #31 (1).jpg

Dominican Republic born model Annibelis Baez wears colorful two-piece swimsuits styled by Helen Broadfoot in ‘Gut Instinct’, lensed by Benny Horne for Porter Magazine #31 Spring 2019./ Hair by Braydon Nelson; makeup by Mariel Barrera

Doutzen Kroes Is Softly Tailored In St. John Spring 2019 Campaign, Lensed By Lachlan Bailey

Doutzen Kroes by Lachlan Bailey for St. John Spring 2019 (3).jpg

Doutzen Kroes Is SoftlyTailored In St. John Spring 2019 Campaign, Lensed By Lachlan Bailey

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes follows in the footsteps of Edita Vilkeviciute, seen in St. John’s Resort 2019 Campaign, wearing the lean knits that define the brand for the Spring 2019 Campaign. Lachlan Bailey is again behind the lens for St, John, who announced in January that they have joined the list of luxury brands completing banning fur and exotic skins.

Imaan Hammam Poses In 'Goddess Rising' Lensed By Ethan James Green For WSJ Magazine March 2019

WSJ Magazine March 2019 013.jpg

Dutch Moroccan stunner Imaan Hammam is styled by Anastasia Barbieri in long, flowing gowns and linear elegance. Ethan James Green captures Imaan in the appropriately-named ‘Goddess Rising’, lensed in the Yucatan for WSJ Magazine March 2019./ Hair by Laurent Philippon; makeup by Karim Rahman

Mixing Nelson Mandela's Spirit With Navajo + Peruvian Practices, Londolozi South Africa Opens Healing House Spa

Londolozi Varty Camp Spa 21019.png

Mixing Nelson Mandela's Spirit With Navaho + Peruvian Practices , Londolozi South Africa Opens Healing House Spa

Londolozi is one of South Africa’s original private game reserves, considered to be a pillar of global ecotourism. The word Londolozi comes from the Zulu word meaning ‘Protector Of All Living Things’.

Londolozi has also opened its first spa, the Healing House, and London-based Syz describes it as potentially “the most forward-thinking wellness offering in Africa.” In a story that spans generations Dave and Shan Varty have been replaced by their children Bronwyn and Boyd, who are the newest visionaries behind Londolozi.

Trained by Oprah’s life coach Martha Beck, the duo is heavily impacted by Beck’s belief “that the senses are deadened by desk jobs and smartphones and that you need to learn to listen to your body, the ultimate navigational tool, to tap into your innate wisdom”. Beck struck a deep cord in the modern0day hearts of Bronwyn and Boyd.

Impacted by their studies with Navaho medicine men and Peruvian shamans, sound — long considered to an original healing fix — is at the center of their rituals. These practices render Londolozi’s new spa as a fusion experience of ancient global practices that now harness the energy of the African wilderness.