Eye: Liu Wen + Vittoria Ceretti Headline Tod's SS 2019 Campaign, Lensed By Craig McDean As Tod's Sales Freefall

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Eye: Liu Wen + Vittoria Ceretti Headline Tod's SS 2019 Campaign, Lensed By Craig McDean As Tod's Sales Freefall

Top models Vittoria Ceretti + Liu Wen are styled by Fabien Baron for Tod’s Spring/Summer 2019 campaign, lensed by Craig McDean.

Tod’s, which also owns the Hogan and Vivier brands, has built a billion-dollar business selling chic leather loafers worn by royals and Hollywood stars, WSJ wrote last Friday. But the high-end artisan brand is struggling for relevance among younger consumers. Compared to the on-fire Italian brand Gucci, Tod’s is not on the radar for younger shoppers, generating new growth and even financial stability for luxury brands.

The brand gets less than 15% of its revenue from millennials, compared with 33% for Louis Vuitton, more than 50% for Gucci and 65% for Saint Laurent, according to investment bank UBS estimates.

“We aren’t going to chase millennials,” Diego Della Valle, Tod’s chairman and majority shareholder, said in the WSJ interview at his villa in Casette d’Ete, a small town on Italy’s Adriatic coast. At most, he says, Tod’s is aiming at the older end of the age group, currently ranging from 23 to 38 years old: “We want to get our clients when they’re 35 years old and then keep them.”

Net income at Tod’s has declined for five straight years, after previously advancing every year for a decade. The stock has sunk 70% since 2013 and is hovering near a 10-year low.  Diego Della Valle insists that selling out to LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Kering Co. or newly-named Capri Holdings (previously Michael Kors Holdings) is not on his radar.

Winnie Harlow Poses In Bahamas As Sports Illustrated May 2019 Swimsuit Issue 'Rookie'

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Top Model Winnie Harlow shared a sneak peek on Instagram of her first Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition photo shoot in the Bahamas. Winnie has left no stone unturned in her mission to shed light and understanding on the skin condition known as vitiligo. And now she will grace the pages of the prestigious swimsuit magazine, with a May 2019 publication date.

Winnie is the 2019 ‘rookie’ model, filmed at the Bahamas’ Grand Isle Resort xxxx

Harlow continues her win as another milestone for inclusivity. Some diseases remain relatively hidden from the general public. Vitiligo, a condition in which the pigment cells of the skin are destroyed in certain areas of the body is very visible. It’s generally believed by experts that vitiligo is an autoimmune condition in which the body's defense system mistakenly attacks and destroys the body’s pigment cells. The exact cause is unknown.

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While the disease isn’t painful and doesn’t bring significant health consequences, itbrings countless emotional and psychological challenges as white patches spread larger across one’s body. For Winnie to bring her skin condition into the world of modeling prompts immeasurable compliments around her inner wisdom and self-confidence. Harlow also walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November 2018 in another professional coup.

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Kamala Harris Eyes Big Win In March 3, 2020 California Counts Now Primary With Early Voting Timed With Iowa + New Hampshire

Harris in Los Angeles with beneficiaries of the DREAM Act—which the senator has made a priority to protect. Photographed by Zoe Ghertner, Vogue , April 2018

Harris in Los Angeles with beneficiaries of the DREAM Act—which the senator has made a priority to protect. Photographed by Zoe Ghertner,Vogue, April 2018

As America readies another presidential election season and trained journalists are talking Iowa and New Hampshire — two states that do not at all mirror the voter makeup of America or the wins of the 2018 mid-terms — Sen. Kamala Harris is beating down door in California. Not content with a wait and see strategy, Senator Harris is locking down endorsements and financial contributions in her new Super Tuesday March 3 primary state — and her home state — that could give her an enormous edge in winning the Democratic nomination. The decision of California to move up its primary from being last in the country makes it suddenly very relevant.

If she has anything but stellar success in California, writes Politico, her presidential aspirations for 2020 could end quickly. Kamala Harris has a true political machine in California and no home-state challengers. Not that Harris isn’t busy making appearances out of California.

In particular, she’s courting voters in another Super Tuesday state — South Carolina. If Biden runs, he does have close relationships with African American voters in the South Carolina, but it’s pretty inconceivable that African American women won’t break big for Sen. Harris in South Carolina.

Rising Star Tyler Mitchell Eyes Sabah Koj, Thais Borges + Ugbad Abdi In 'A Courtly Dance in 'Triple Metre' For AnOther Magazine

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Rising Star Tyler Mitchell Eyes Sabah Koj, Thais Borges + Ugbad Abdi In 'A Courtly Dance in 'Triple Metre' For AnOther Magazine

Rising photographer Tyler Mitchell captures models Sabah Koj, Thais Borges, and Ugbad Abdi in ‘A Courtly Dance in Triple Metre, styled by Robbie Spencer for AnOther Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2019 issue.

The marvelously creative editorial — LOVE the veiled shot of Sabah and Ugbad! — brings to mind the art of Nigerian-born, Alabama-raised Toyin Ojih Odutola, who mounted a solo show 'To Wander Determined' at the Whitney Museum in New York in October 2017.

I was very involved as the ‘Yankee’ working to elect Doug Jones as Democratic Senator from Alabama in November 2017. Most Americans don’t know that Jones — who is white and stands for re-election in 2020 — won justice for four young girls who died in the famous Birmingham church bombing during America’s civil rights movements.

Having shared much enthusiasm around the epic proliferation of models of color in our industry, especially from (South) Sudan, where I have deep activist roots, AOC hasn’t done enough recently to highlight the enormous cultural forces at play in America.

Artists are in the vangaard of articulating this new vision for America — one under assault this very moment, with Trump grabbing authoritarian powers to build his wall in Mexico, citing an alleged national emergency, when there is NO national emergency!

The emergency order is headed immediately to the US court system, where it will most likely be overturned. After months of tears around Trump, I’ve actually reached a positive place of defiance against the raging culture war operating out in the open now in my country.

The highly imperfect, yet noble American experiment is at a true crossroads under Trump. The battle is fierce and bloody, but there is a potential for a huge new vision of the ultimate social experiment if we are smart and dedicated. I tire of America callings itself the greatest country on earth, when every great civilization or nation is always eclipsed by another.

Still, America has a chance to prove itself in an incredible new way as a vibrant, non-white majority country led by a rainbow coalition of politicos and citizens truly committed to proving that such an important coalition of citizens can live, breathe and succeed together. ~ Anne