Katy Perry Explains Her 'Transformation', Lensed By Juno Calypso For Paper Magazine March 2019

Katy Perry by Juno Calypso for Paper Magazine March 2019 (2).jpg

Talent Katy Perry undergoes a ‘Transformation’, styled by Patti Wilson in looks from Sid Neigum, Maïssane Zinaï, Tabitha Simmons, Valentino, Vera Wang and more. Juno Calypso flashes the pop star for Paper Magazine March 2019.

We learn in Katy Perry’s Paper interview with Marie Lodi that she and boyfriend Orlando Bloom are so serious that they are in the “throwing out each other’s belongings without asking” phase of their relationship.

Explaining that they are both hoarders by nature, Orlando Bloom wanted to keep his old toiletry bag because it has been around the world for 10 years, even when Perry presented him with a new one for Christmas. Perry is equally bad at hoarding, especially in the clothing category.

“I have all of them,” Perry said about her old costumes and iconic looks that she’s worn over her career, like her cupcake bras. “I have my costumes, my dancers’ costumes, all of my tour sets. My whipped-cream gun.” All her memorabilia reside in a warehouse.