Ivanka Trump Is MIA In DC But Quietly Handed Five New Chinese Trademarks As Trade Talks Begin


Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump seems to be MIA these days. In a pull-no-punches change, fashion magazines like Vogue US don't hold back in levying major criticism against both Ivanka and Melania Trump. This is a first in my memory.

Because Ivanka is so thoroughly capitalizing on her biz interests in China -- being awarded fiva new Chinese trademarks just as trade negotiations begin again -- it's clear that the presidential daughter has not ended her biz operations. Reality appears that she intends to build a major name for herself in China.

Conflict of interest? NEVER have American citizens have a family just 'rub our noses in disdain' for our silly, stupid attempts at not having an imperial presidency run by an imperial, disdainful-for- little-people family. The Trumps are so audacious that her ‘daddy’ (her word) has been quietly promoting his daughter to become president of the World Bank.