Dior Launches 'Joy' With Jennifer Lawrence As Face Behind Its Third Pillar Fragrance


Joy' by Dior is a big deal for the luxury house, becoming its third pillar fragrance for women, following Miss Dior (launched in 1947) and J'Adore Dior (1999). Consider a pillar fragrance the mother goddess brand -- Gaia, if you will -- from which all streams flow. The subbrands are like children: J'Adore Dior gave birth to J'Adore L'Or and J'Adore L'Absolu. 

Everything about Joy by Dior is aimed at millennials. “The company had evolved and grown on these two pillars,” said Claude Martinez, chief executive officer of Parfums Christian Dior. “And, three years ago, we felt it was about time to add another one that appealed to the next generation of consumers. … The new generation in Europe and the U.S. — people in their 20s, I’m talking about — are not that much in favor of fragrances. They are disconnected. A brand like Dior needs to be able to talk to them.”

Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect face, says Martinez. "She's very spontaneous . . . She can be laughing one second and crying the next. . . . Joy doesn't last forever. It can disappear as fast as it appears" and for us, Jennifer "is the true incarnation of this joy."

Lawrence had a hand in shaping the new Dior scent according to the man who created it. “It was about six months into the project when she came to visit the laboratory,” said François Demachy, the Parfums Christian Dior perfumer-creator.