How Will Progressive Karlie Kloss Manage Ivanka Trump's Clutching Embrace Of Her New 'Sister'

Karlie Kloss and Ivanka Trump-Kloss engagement.jpg

Rhonda Garelick has written a superb, consise analysis of Ivanka Trump and her brand and its historical fashionable roots in the rise of fascism. Garelick writes compararatively of Ivanka and Coco Chanel.

Now that the successful, progressive superwoman Karlie Kloss will be Ivanka's sister-in-law, it will be interesting to watch how Kloss handles this new sisterly love affair. Ivanka has been quick to celebrate her new 'sister' on Instagram. The Cut's headline of the engagement announcement summarizes what Karlie and Josh Kushner already know:Ivanka Trump Called Karlie Kloss Her 'Sister' in a Haunting Instagram Comment.

Karlie not so much, although reports are quick to note that Jared Kushner's brother Josh, the much more progressive Kushner son and Karlie's future husband, is very close to Ivanka -- a Manhattan liberal in her former life.