Level Up Inspires Men To Send Snaps To London Sun's Annual Best 'Bust In Britain' Competition

level up competition home.jpg

Level Up, a feminist organization in Great Britain created in 2017 and led by Carys Afoko, has a clever response to the Sun's annual 'Bust in Britain' competition: no marches; no rants; no lectures. Reading the Sun ground rules and realizing there are no gender restrictions, Afoko had a light bulb moment. 

“It is such an old-fashioned idea of beauty they are promoting. They say they are looking for the best breasts. But actually what they mean is - if you’re skinny, if you’re white, if you’re young and if you’ve got big boobs. Then you’re beautiful,” says Afoko. “Let’s bring the Sun’s competition into the 21st century.”

By encouraging men and non-binary people to take snaps for the competition and getting worldwide press in the process, Afoko hopes that a man might actually win in 2018. It is interesting that many of the men struggled with taking a “sexy” selfie, Afoko says. “They got very self conscious and felt exposed. It took a few conversations to get them to do it. We were seeing men feel like they are an object, like women do.”