Refugee Models From Sudan Share Their Stories: Shanelle Nyasiase, Angok Mayen, George Okeny


Model Shanelle Nyasiase walked a dizzying 42-43 shows in the past month, as the Fall 2018 runway shows launched in New York before moving to London, Milan and then Paris, weeks after the launch of her spectacular Alexander McQueen Spring 2018 ad campaign.

AOC is a different kind of fashion website, with my own roots embedded so deeply in activism on behalf of women worldwide, but especially in Africa and very deeply in Sudan and Kenya. 

I was pleasantly surprised today to see 'The Modeling World's Sudanese Refugees Share Their Stories' on, with Shanelle Nyasiase featured, along with peers Angok Mayen and George Okeny.

Africa's refugees are populating the pages of AOC, coming from the US, but also Australia and European countries. I like the candor of this Vogue video and am happy to see the content evolutions in the magazine. Listening to George Okeny talk about missing a Gucci ad shoot right after Trump's inauguration -- because he was caught up in the first wave of the president's immigration travel ban -- hit home. Take a listen. Oh, George says his papers are now in order, so if you know anyone at Gucci . . . That would be Alessandro Michele.