Michelle Obama Says She Is Committed To Creating Thousands Of Mes By Working With Young Leaders


Former First Lady Michelle Obama is well aware of the impact she has on young women, and especially young girls of color. How many times did we see them incredulous that she had walked into their school room unannounced, leaving all the kids -- but girls in particular -- shrieking with delight and covering up their eyes in disbelief. 

Michelle Obama has that kind of impact on young people -- even very, very young people. Parker Curry, age 2, found herself fixated over Obama's new portrait in the National Portrait Gallery. So spellbound was Parker over the towering image of America's royal black goddess that she refused to turn around for just one snap for mom Jessica Curry. 

Curry, a lifelong DC District resident, was so fixated on her daughter being fixated on the portrait that she didn’t see a man to the side taking a cellphone photo of the moment — Parker in utter awe, her mouth agape.