Stormy Daniels Hits Trump Hard, Denying Him The White Glove Treatment He Doesn't Deserve


There's no way that Stormy Daniels could have lived up to the media hype around her Sunday night '60 Minutes' interview. When her brilliant attorney Michael Avenatti intimated that there would be major revelations around the Trump presidency in the '60 Minutes' segment, a decade-record audience of 22 million people gathered in watch parties. Dark and Stormy cocktails were served.

If you've followed the story closely, there were few new details. This general audience conclusion does not confirm an overall lack of brilliance in Stormy's interview strategy. As an aside, writes New York Magazine, Stormy gave us a lesson in taking the hot air out of Donald Trump. 

Daniels took down Donald Trump's boundless ego, if only for one moment. Stormy broke through Trump's delusional self-importance, "literally slapping him into awareness of another person."